5 Ways to Avoid Dead Leads

03 Sep 2015

Lead generation is arguably the most important aspect of marketing your real estate business. Without new leads, your business will stagnate and eventually run out of steam. It is, unfortunately, very easy and fast to lose a potential great lead. According to the National Association of Realtors, getting back to a lead within fifteen minutes is vital to connecting and cementing the lead. Here are a few ways to make sure you avoid dead leads.

Call Back Fast

That fifteen-minute rule should be hard and fast in your business. If you hear from a lead, pick up the phone and call them back within that time frame and not a minute longer. The key word here is “call.” We live in a world where email, texting and social media rule, but a phone call is worth a thousand texts. It shows that you are invested in them as a client and are willing to provide personalized service.

Email Auto-Responses

Set up an email auto response for leads that come in electronically. Make sure that it does not read like an auto response or form letter, but seems personalized and genuine. Remember, this is a client who is looking to make a huge purchase that will likely involve months of time, money and effort.
Tell them something a bit about yourself in the response and assure them that you will get back to them as soon as possible. Point them to some interesting information about the neighborhoods in which they are looking and in which you specialize.

Follow Up

Make sure that after the initial contact is made, you follow up. Check in, see how they are doing and offer to answer any questions or provide any information they might need. Do not be pushy, but be friendly and approachable. Make sure that you are offering assistance, not pressuring them to choose you.

Keep in Touch

Establishing a lead should never be a one-time thing; even established clients can end up as dead leads. Have a plan for continuing your relationship. Reach out to your clients on a regular basis. Send them newsletters. Include links to properties they might like, based on what they have already explored. Check in every so often to see how things are going.
Build a relationship with your clients. This is all-important if you want to avoid dead leads. Your leads need to trust you to be the expert in their search, to know the answers to questions and to be approachable that they can come to you for help. The more personal you are with them, the better your relationship will be, and the better able you’ll be to make sure you keep those leads alive.

Don’t Pressure

Your clients know what they want, even if they do not realize they know it. Never try to pressure sale, no matter how long it takes for them to find that perfect home. They will be more comfortable with you if they know you are there to help, not just to make a profit.
Offering contacts like home inspectors and title insurance agents can also be helpful. For more information about our services, send an email to info@marinatitle.com or call at (305) 901-5628.

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