How SEO Can Boost Your Leads

05 Aug 2015

According to a consumer trends report conducted by Google and the National Association of Realtors, 90 percent of all potential homebuyers take to the World Wide Web at one point, and 53 percent of them outright begin their search online. With so many individuals turning to the Internet to begin their search for realtors and homes alike, those real estate professionals who wish to stay competitive must enter into the digital fray. Below you will find ways in which SEO can boost your leads.

Blog Posts Sell

Writing a blog post complete with title tag, tagged photos, meta descriptions and other useful details will drive traffic to your door. A post of a few hundred words on a home that has perhaps been sitting unsold for too long can increase interest in that property. Increased interest can only positively affect salability. Inform readers about the features unique to that home and provide a standard description. Google will not penalize you for the latter. However, if your objective is use the address as a keyword, said address must come with unique content.

SEO Captures Local Traffic

When optimizing their websites, realtors will want to hone in on the primary city or area they serve. Binding local keyword phrases to your online presence can make all the difference in lead generation and capture. For example, if you business is based out of Miami’s Grapeland Heights, SEO appropriates phrases such as “Grapeland Heights real estate,” “Grapeland Heights real estate agent” and “homes for sale Grapeland Heights” can make your agency the dominant presence.

Maintaining specificity when optimizing keywords is critical to the success of your SEO venture.

In addition, capturing searches for “living in Grapeland Heights” can allow you lead traffic to your informational blog posts on local crime rates, public transportation, median income, school districts and other statistics the average homebuyer will find useful.


Creating a second site that is optimized for mobile users is paramount in this age of smartphones and similar portable devices. Mobile searches include everything from learning general information about the home or realtor, compare prices and features, locate broker or listing agent phone numbers finding directions to the home and more. Prospective homebuyers will also use their mobile devices to review photos and stream videos devoted the property.

Utilize Photos and Videos

Relevant to the above point, videos (and photos) are essential to the effective online showcasing of a property and, thus, the generation of real leads. Homebuyers are much more likely to come out to a property if they have seen a video tour of the home. To boost the reputation of your agency, consider adding video testimonials or previous clients, as well. Of course, capturing a video testimonial is most effectively done immediately after closing the deal. Optimized photos and videos are an excellent way to increase your leads.

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