How to Generate Real Estate Leads Offline

06 Sep 2015

Real estate professionals thrive on marketing, lead generation and converting leads into actual customers. The Internet is the primary way these things happen. However, boots on the ground and physical connections are still a vital part of every professional’s real estate strategy. Here are some tips for how to use your hobbies and offline activities to generate real estate leads for your business.

Using Your Hobbies

Your hobbies are one of the best means by which you can generate leads for your real estate business. Not only is it an effective means of networking and building contacts, but it allows you to enjoy every minute of the activity. Hobbies have communities, and by being part of such a community you have a unique opportunity to build a sphere of influence that will generate leads time and time again.

Social Communities

Of course you want to be a member of Facebook and Google+ for your hobby, but it’s also important to engage in actual face-to-face interaction with your hobby community. Attend local meetups and clubs. These are great places to meet locals who may be in need of real estate services or expertise.
It does not matter whether you are an agent, investor or looking for someone in need of title insurance, meeting groups of new friends and colleagues will almost always open the door for generating new leads. Take advantage of this important resource.


Go to conventions. The convention circuit cannot be stressed enough as a vital means by which you can make connections and generate leads.
While at a gathering or conference, take the time to strike up conversations with other people there. Start off by discussing personal interests, and lead into what you do for a living. Do not keep the conversation focused on you, but find out what their needs are and how you might help them. Remember, building a relationship is give and take.

Exchange Contact Information

Carry business cards with you everywhere you go, and never part from a new acquaintance without leaving them with your information. That way the next time they need help in the real estate industry, they will think about calling you. If you do not have business cards, get some. There are plenty of good and inexpensive (some all but free) services out there that you can use to create impressive cards with all of your contact information available.

Watch Your Surroundings

Whenever you are in a social situation, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. You might be surprised how often someone is discussing real estate needs. When this happens, you can politely join the conversation and ply your own expertise. Remember, a little good advice goes a long way. If you can answer a question or solve a simple problem, your new acquaintance could turn into an opportunity to generate real estate leads.
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