Real Estate Tools for the Modern Realtor

05 Sep 2015

We live in an era where technology moves like lightning. The moment you adopt a new service, platform or software package, it seems obsolete in the shadow of the next best thing. This, however, is a benefit that real estate professionals face in this day and age. There is always a means by which you can keep ahead of your competition and maintain an edge in today’s real estate market. Here’s a look at some of the best online real estate tools today.

Google Alerts

This service attaches to your website and social media accounts and allows you to track the Web for trends and terms about your business. Every time someone makes a post about your neighborhood or area of expertise, you can be notified to check it out and possibly respond. This valuable tool keeps you abreast of everything that’s going on.

Tweet Deck

This is a slick app. Social media is vital to your real estate marketing but monitoring your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and other various social media accounts can take up a lot of time that you could be using towards generating new leads and conducting business. With Tweet Deck, you can quickly monitor all of your social media in one place with no hassles. This is a tool that every real estate professional should be using.


This service has a great suite of tools for your website building and maintenance. The tools are all free to use, and they work as great plugins for just about any site from WordPress to home-built web pages.

Google Analytics

If you want to see how your website and social media are performing, Google Analytics is the tool to use. It measures hits to your site, incoming and outgoing links, the source of the hit, and tons of other tools for checking out how your various online marketing tools are interacting and working for (or against) you.

Open Site Explorer

This platform allows you to track backlinks to your site which help to improve your search engine raking. It also permits you to expand, improve and tweak your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies based on internal linking and keywords, so you are engaging the most efficient means of reaching those customers looking for a service on the web. For Realtors, this tool is a must-use.

Signals by Hubspot

This is one of the most valuable online real estate tools out there. It acts as sort of a registered mail for email. It allows you to see when someone opens emails you send and reads them. If you do a lot of email-based marketing involving mailing list blasts, electronic newsletters or the like, this allows you to keep an eye on how well they are performing. In addition, when you send an urgent, time-sensitive email this application allows you to see that it was read.
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