Social Media Marketing Ideas for Realtors

04 Sep 2015

Social media marketing is a vital part of every Realtor’s Internet marketing strategy. Without it, you will have a difficult time maintaining an edge in today’s extremely competitive real estate market. Everyone uses Facebook, but few people use it properly, and even fewer use the other kinds of social media tools that are necessary to give your real estate business a bump up. Here are some important tips for social media marketing for Realtors.


While your website is the hub of your business, your blog is what drives people to your website. It acts as the primary focus between your home page and your social media accounts. Make sure you are engaging in proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies such as using the right keywords at the right times, and be sure that whenever you post a new blog, all of your social media link back to it.


There is an old saying that “print is dead.” In some ways on the Internet, this is true. While people still read and engage on social media, videos are what attract and draw the eye. Make sure your videos are fun, laid back and still professional. Keep them short — the average viewer’s attention span for online engagement is less than five minutes.

Invites and Reposting

Every social media account has a function that allows you to invite others via your email contacts. Use this service. The more followers you have on social media, the more likely you are to draw the attention of others and in time, build your leads and customer base.
When you have a strong group of followers on social media, encourage them to repost things that you put up. This will help to spread the word and get your name out there to even more people. It will also help your search engine rankings, especially if your posts lead back to your blog and website.


Use professional, high quality graphics on your accounts. The better your graphic design, the more attractive your social media will be to others. Be careful, though, as there are pitfalls inherent in this.
Never, ever simply lift graphics from another website or somewhere else online, as these may be copyrighted. Be sure that the graphics you use are either your own, are in the public domain or carry a free license such as Creative Commons. If you are not sure, it is often best to engage the services of a professional or a pay service which provides licensed graphics and imagery.

Contact Information

Everything you put online should include your contact information in a standardized style. Not only does this make you easy to reach, but search engines will see that your contact info is spread around in various places and this can be a huge boon to your local social media marketing for Realtors.
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