Additional Services

Attorney-owned and operated, Marina Title provides counsel on several matters ancillary to our title, escrow, and closing services. Our on-staff real estate and probate attorneys have years of experience with administering probate estates, assisting in lien mitigation and resolution, facilitating 1031 exchanges, preparing title opinion letters, handling landlord/tenant disputes, and much more. We offer our clients unmatched convenience and efficiency so that they can meet their real estate related goals. 

Probate Services

Through our allied law firm, Farshchian Law, P.A., our attorneys work with beneficiaries (i.e., heirs) and personal representatives (i.e., executors) to assist them with the many duties and responsibilities involved in the Florida probate process. We complement our experience in probate matters with the personal attention that beneficiaries and representatives need when navigating an unfamiliar process during what can be a challenging time. 

Our attorneys prepare and file the initial petition for probate administration, draft other necessary probate documents and file them with the probate court, advise the heirs and personal representative of the implications of certain decisions or actions, and assist with the distribution the deceased’s assets. Our efforts focus on ensuring that beneficiaries and personal representatives feel confident that the probate process will proceed smoothly, adhere to the law, and implement the deceased’s wishes. We will work closely with you to close the estate conclusively without disputes or delays. 

The type of probate matters we assist with include summary administrations, formal probate administrations, and ancillary administrations. We also have expertise with resolving title issues related to probate properties.

Lien Mitigation

Marina Title’s attorneys understand the threat that unwanted or unexpected liens and encumbrances pose to a property, its value, and the closing transaction. We leverage our title expertise and extensive experience to identify, clear, mitigate, and satisfy liens, judgments, and orders entered in connection with code and building violations for properties across the State of Florida. 

1031 Exchanges

Marina Title’s attorneys provide counsel and facilitate 1031 exchange transactions, ensuring that our clients minimize tax consequences and reap the full benefits of a 1031 like-kind exchange. We guide clients through exchanges and help them obtain tax deferrals in immediate, deferred, and “reverse” 1031 exchanges. Our attorneys also have experience serving as the role of the Qualified Intermediary for tax-deferred exchanges and, if needed, representing clients in communications and enforcement matters involving the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

As with our title and closing services, the additional counsel and representation we provide focus on protecting our clients’ interests, advancing their goals, and consummating transactions without disruption or delay. For more information on the additional services we provide, please call Marina Title at (305) 901-5628 or email

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