The objective of Marina Title is to supply our Realtor clients with title insurance and closing products and services that are truly industry-leading. We do so in an effort to forge our company into the premier title and escrow agency in the State of Florida.

To that end, we service the needs of Realtors throughout our great state, actively and diligently striving to meet any and all requirements while thoroughly exceeding client expectations. Not only do we pursue the highest quality standards in our mode of operations, we also endeavor to constantly supply the most consistent level of service to each and every one of our clients, no matter what degree of effort a given closing transaction might require of us.

Tools for Realtors

At the beginning of each new day, our representatives set out to meet challenges with professionalism and accountability, always producing results that serve as the standard of accuracy. At Marina Title, we firmly believe that every single customer interaction between one of our representatives and a client should embody the ultimate expression of these sterling qualities.

Serving the real estate community is the pride and joy of our company. Through our suite of excellent services, we empower our Realtor clients with the power to drive their businesses to the next level. In an effort to outfit our clients with the best tools possible, we provide such resources as, for example, the highly convenient Closing Cost Calculator. This tool works with the most accurate and up-to-date information available concerning closing fees. Easily accessible, intuitive and user-friendly, the Closing Cost Calculator provides our Realtor clients with the data they need at the precise moment they need them.

As an additional courtesy, Marina Title happily offers same-day commission checks, ensuring that our Realtors are paid promptly and in full. We provide this service because we understand that our clients should never have to experience the inconvenience and frustration of having to wait three weeks to get paid.

Personalized Client Service

We know that customers turn to our real estate professionals, fully reliant on their expertise and responsive care. Therefore, we place the utmost degree of importance on delivering to our clients that very same level of expertise and care. At Marina Title, we are entirely committed to the highest quality and fully personalized customer service. We thus allow our clients the same peace of mind that they afford their own.

Marina Title proudly presents the fullest expression of innovative, industry-leading technology, products and services. These are employed with the perpetual aim of enhancing the operational powers of our clients and helping them meet their objectives. Our purpose is to streamline our clients’ processes.

Our methodology is built upon the strongest foundation possible: our industry connections inform our local Florida real estate market expertise. We constantly stake our reputation on the quality of our performance, because we know our clients are expected to do the same. Marina Title exists to protect the interests of our clients and enable them, thanks to our suite of excellent technology products and our array of powerful services, to perform their functions with the a degree of confidence hitherto impossible.

The products we provide for our Realtor clients includes, but is by no means limited to, title insurance policies, owner’s policies, professional land services and the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. In addition, we offer a host of resources for real estate professionals, including, of course, our Closing Cost Calculator.

At Marina Title, we want our clients to be informed to the greatest extent possible about the industry-related information available to them. Therefore, we constantly keep ourselves abreast of the latest industry developments and shifts in the real estate market, passing this information on to our most valuable partners: our clients. To get started, Contact us today at (305) 901-5628 or email us at

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