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Our team at Marina Title has served the real estate development community for many years now. Over that time, we have closed thousands upon thousands of transactions. Regardless of the degree of complexity involved, no transaction has detracted from our sterling track record of success. Developers of any stripe, take note: we will gladly accommodate new construction or any of your development project needs, including insuring a construction loan, underwriting a break in priority issue or undertaking interim-construction disbursements. Marina Title is proud to provide the apex in customer service, innovative technology solutions and industry best practices.

No matter the scope of our clients’ projects, from building a new home to erecting Miami’s next colossal skyscraper, the professionals at Marina Title provide the services to meet and exceed any and all requirements. From the moment when a land survey is called for until the final coat of paint is applied, our experts offer comprehensive assistance throughout every step of the process. In addition, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will ably undertake any legal or administrative issues which might arise during the construction. We shoulder these burdens to allow our clients to complete their projects with the peace of mind only true trust can achieve.

Pre-Construction Services

At Marina Title, our specialties are manifold. From finding the perfect plot for a developer client’s next project to analyzing public records discovered or conducting a land survey, we are possessed of the most in-depth knowledge concerning the Florida real estate market and any issues that might arise when undertaking new construction. As soon are services are employed, we proceed about the task of conducting a survey prior to our clients’ acquisition of the land. We analyze and scrutinize in exacting detail the public records available that pertain to the plot in question. Any potential hazards, unforeseen circumstances (such as easements and other issues) and more will be compiled into a summary report, illuminating any and all risks associated with the property.

In addition, should there already exist a title associated with the property, we will conduct a thorough, all-inclusive title search in an effort to bring to light any issues surrounding the rightful ownership of said property. Therefore, our clients can be assured of the fact that the land they are acquiring is free of encumbrance. We can furthermore insure our clients’ construction loans, for additional security. Marina Title works with the government agencies overseeing the various aspects of construction and development in the State of Florida in order to accelerate the approval process for our clients’ projects.

Trust the Experts

Experienced developers will perhaps have noted by this point that the above-described tasks could be completed in-house. Considering, however, the preciousness of time as a resource and how easily errors might be made, trusting the experts at Marina Title is the safest, surest means to achieving the successful and completely satisfactory resolution of any new construction. Errors as simple as common misspellings could delay the beginning or conclusion of a project for days, weeks or even months. The risk of such small but terribly significant mistakes is all too great.

The analysis of series after series of complex maps, documents and other public records can be time-consuming to the point of being utterly counterproductive. Moreover, getting a swift reply from the government agencies in charge of allotting permits can be an ordeal in and of itself. Trusting the team at Marina Title can mean the difference between starting a project on time and, possibly, never starting it at all. We are endowed with the expertise to deal with any issues that might arise to hamper the satisfactory conclusion of your project. For more information concerning our services and how these can benefit you, Contact us today at (305) 901-5628 or email us at

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