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Since 2014, Marina Title has been serving the needs of buyers and sellers for residential and commercial real estate closings throughout the State of Florida. We understand how much is at stake for our clients and know that issues with title and ownership need to be addressed promptly, thoroughly, and conclusively. Our experienced team of title and legal professionals are ready to assist buyers and sellers through the closing process from the minute we receive the contract until the final funds are disbursed and keys exchanged.

Marina Title’s meticulous title searches focus on identifying any liens, mortgages, judgments, tax delinquencies, and other matters of record that could threaten the transfer of clean title. We deliver comprehensive title reports and work with the seller to resolve any outstanding lien or title issues. If we discover any issues that cannot be resolved by the closing date, we will alert you of our findings and provide you with options on how to best proceed. We stand by your side to help resolve any unwanted surprises or delays and efficiently close on your purchase and sale transaction.

Our complete suite of title, escrow, settlement, and closing services for Florida buyers and sellers includes:

  • Holding escrow (trust account managed by an attorney)
  • Obtaining lien and title searches
  • Examining the property’s title
  • Preparing and issuing title insurance
  • Handling closings for refinances
  • Lien mitigation and resolution
  • Obtaining association payoffs
  • Handling tax, mortgage, and lien payoffs
  • Ordering and reviewing land surveys
  • Preparation/review of the closing statement
  • Drafting the conveyance documents
  • Conducting the closing
  • Handling all disbursements after closing
  • Assisting with ways to take title (including corporate formation)
  • Closing services for foreclosure and short sale purchases and sales
  • Deed and title transfers

As an attorney-owned and operated title company, Marina Title has worked closely with countless buyers and sellers of Florida real estate, helping them maximize the benefits of their transactions while minimizing risk and uncertainty. Our title and closing experts are well-known and well-respected in the industry and have developed strong working relationships with Realtors, lenders, appraisers, surveyors, and other parties who play key roles in getting real estate transactions across the finish line.

If you are buying or selling property in Florida, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. We provide title, closing, and escrow services throughout the entire State of Florida. To learn more about our services, please call Marina Title at (305) 901-5628 or email us at

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