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Marina Title represents clients from nearly every facet of the real estate industry. As such, our attorneys have extensive practice expertise resolving a wide array of issues associated with the market. From home buyers to developers, investors to commercial property owners, Marina Title offers premier title and settlement services to Florida’s diverse real estate community.


Home buying and selling can often become a complex proposition. Marina Title offers services that assist in the process and relieve any tension. Potential home buyers may be interested in our title search service, which will reveal any issues that could hinder the sale. In addition, we offer a premier escrow service that will expertly facilitate the transfer of funds between buyer and seller. Finally, we offer title insurance to protect new homeowners from financial loss, should an issue with the title force them to partially or wholly forfeit the property.


Transactions involving commercial real estate require a higher degree of expertise than most other purchases. At Marina Title, our team of experienced professionals understand the intricacies involved with industrial, commercial, development and other high-liability deals. Whether you are a commercial real estate lender, attorney, investor, builder, asset manager or developer, our services can facilitate even the most elaborate transactions so all parties involved know their interests are secure.


Before you ever break ground, there are often legal and administrative issues that must be resolved on a construction site. Marina Title can assist with surveying the land, investigating any claims against the land and ensuring your investment is sound. Once that is accomplished, our attorneys can work with the Florida Division of Real Estate to get the development approved. In addition, we can set up a meeting between the developer, attorney, contractors and other parties to establish communication.

New Construction and Development

Marina Title offers many different services to developers to make sure the project stays on track. Our attorneys can handle any legal issues that may arise so you can focus on the construction itself. In addition, we can evaluate your insurance policy to ensure you have the proper coverage for the job. We can also keep secure any construction loan and disburse it as needed. When the development is complete, Marina Title can gather the closing documents and offer escrow services to facilitate the sale.

Short Sales and Foreclosures

Short-sale investors generally take some of the biggest risks out of any real estate buyer in Florida. As such, it is imperative to have a legal team on your side for any transaction. Marina Title is there from start to finish. Our same-day title searches can give you in-depth information into the history of the property. In addition, our immediate pre-HUD and HUD statement preparations guarantee a quicker transfer of property ownership. We can handle any potential issues and paperwork so you can focus on flipping the property.

Additional Real Estate Services

Whether you are a lender, buyer, seller, investor or developer, Marina Title’s services can assist in the facilitation of your next transaction. Our escrow services will ensure you are paid properly and fully. In addition, our title search and insurance services grant you peace of mind that your investment is sound and protected. Our closing staff offers expertise in completing and filing all documentation to complete the sale. Marina Title can also help foreign nationals navigate the complex laws surrounding international investment.

Wherever you fit into the Florida real estate market, Marina Title’s premier services can help. For more information or to start an order, use the links below or give us a call at (305) 901-5628.  or email us at Info@MarinaTitle.com

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