why invest in florida real estate in 2021

What Are The Steps To Buying A Home In Florida?

May 12 2024

Florida is world famous for its dynamic and accessible real estate market. However, this does not mean that buying a home in the Sunshine State ...

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title insurance in florida

The Role Of Title Companies In Real Estate Transactions

Apr 16 2024

Imagine that you have finally chosen your ideal house in Florida. You've been looking for this perfect property for months and are prepared to submit an ...

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city lights buildings at night

What is an Escrow Agent in Florida?

Mar 01 2024

One of the most common terms in real estate jargon is “escrow”. While it may be a popular word, not everyone knows what it actually ...

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Understanding Title Insurance: What Buyers Need to Know

Feb 28 2024

If you are buying a property in Florida, you may have already found the perfect fit, negotiated the contract terms, and signed the contract. But ...

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Florida Title Escrow Company During the Closing Process

Can I Sell My House in Florida without a Realtor?

Feb 01 2024

With a massive number of buyers looking for all types of properties and sellers eager to find the best deal, Florida offers fertile soil for ...

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difference between title search title report and title insurance in Florida

What Does Florida Title Insurance Best Protect Against?

Jan 25 2024

Each successful real estate transaction results in the transfer of title from seller to buyer. As the sum of all your rights to a property, ...

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how to clear title defects in florida

Steps to Closing a Florida Residential Real Estate Transaction

Jan 19 2024

When it comes to purchasing a residential property in Florida, the process can seem overwhelming. From finding the right home to securing financing, there are ...

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Wholesaling As A Real Estate Agent

Jan 17 2024

Wholesaling is a popular real estate investment strategy that involves buying properties below market value and selling them to other investors for a profit. As ...

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What Are the 3 Things That the Best Miami Title Insurance Company Should Provide

4 Questions to Ask a Title Company in Florida

Jan 15 2024

Purchasing or selling a property in Florida may be an overwhelming task, especially for first timers. There are lots of moving parts, paperwork, and legal ...

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Homeowner Tax Exemption Florida

What Does a Home Seller Have to Disclose in Florida?

Jan 12 2024

While Florida is one of the most desirable places in the United States to buy and sell real estate, the State has many laws and ...

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Home Purchase Closing Costs

How Much are Closing Costs for Buyers in Florida? A Comprehensive Guide.

Jan 05 2024

Marina Title, a Florida-based, attorney-owned title company, understands that buying a home can be a complex and expensive process. One of the costs that buyers ...

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Assignment Closings vs. Double Closings – Know the Difference and How We Can Help

Double Closings: A Valuable Tool for Real Estate Investors

Jan 02 2024

Marina Title, a Florida-based, attorney-owned title company, provides a range of services to assist investors, buyers, sellers, developers, Realtors, lenders, and foreign nationals in navigating ...

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