Assignment Closings vs. Double Closings – Know the Difference and How We Can Help!

Assignment Closings vs. Double Closings – Know the Difference and How We Can Help!

The success of your real estate investment hinges on your ability to sell your properties in the most expeditious, risk-free, and profitable manner possible. The ...

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31 Aug 2022
does florida requires a real estate lawyer for closing

Does Florida Require a Lawyer for Real Estate Closings?

Every day, hundreds of real estate transactions are closed between a myriad of parties across Florida. The typical real estate deal involves at least two ...

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14 Feb 2022
can a title company handle closings in flordia

Can a Title Company Also Handle Closings in Florida?

When thinking of real estate transactions, the first thing that often comes to mind might be a Realtor. While it is true that real estate ...

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01 Feb 2022
Photo by Nick Youngson

Is a Title Company the Same as a Closing Company in Florida?

Florida has a robust real estate market, with a myriad of choices when it comes to closing, title, and escrow services. Title companies provide such ...

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14 Jan 2022
Title Insurance in Florida

Understanding the Importance of Title Insurance in Florida

When you purchase real estate, you will typically obtain an insurance policy to protect your investment from flood, storm, or fire damage. However, the physical ...

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09 Jan 2022
Title Insurance

Get the Facts on Title Insurance

Insurance is an easy enough concept to grasp. From your car to your own well-being, just about everything important can—and should—be insured against the unexpected ...

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07 Jan 2022
Investor Title Services

Why Investors Should Seek Special Investor Title Services

Florida’s diverse and dynamic real estate market remains a sound and profitable investment in the post-COVID economy. To help reduce your liabilities and maximize your ...

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05 Jan 2022
escrow laws in Florida

Escrow Laws in Florida: What You Need to Know

Suppose you are buying or selling a property in Florida. In that case, you need to understand why lenders, real estate agents, and brokers talk ...

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28 Jul 2021
Protect Yourself against Deed Theft in Florida

How to Protect Yourself against Deed Theft in Florida

It is not uncanny to see ads for services promising to protect people from deed theft in Florida. These companies advertise online and offline, attracting ...

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26 Jul 2021
How to Stop a Foreclosure in Florida

How to Stop a Foreclosure in Florida – Urgency Methods

Dealing with the foreclosure process is never an easy task. But, regardless of the reason, sometimes people get behind their mortgage payments and end up ...

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23 Jul 2021
invest in Florida real estate in 2021

Why Invest in Florida Real Estate in 2021?

While other real estate markets nationwide still struggle to recover, the Florida market is so solid that even the COVID-19 outbreak was not enough to ...

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21 Jul 2021
What is Cash-out Refinancing in Florida

What is Cash-out Refinancing in Florida?

Cash-out refinance is a popular trend in 2021, especially as people have equity in their homes while the interest rate decreases in the post-COVID real ...

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19 Jul 2021

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