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difference between deed and title in Florida

The Difference between Deed and Title in Florida

The real estate world has distinct terms that refer to a vast array of concepts. In Florida, sellers and homebuyers sometimes are often overwhelmed by ...

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28 Apr 2021
How does a 1031 exchange work in Florida

How Does a 1031 Exchange Work in Florida?

In Florida, real estate investors are constantly dealing with different types of taxes. There are property taxes, documentary transfer taxes, property transfer taxes, and other ...

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26 Apr 2021
property lien search in florida

Property Lien Search in Florida: How to Find the Liens on a Property?

In a competitive real estate market like Florida, buying or selling a home is a time-consuming and energy-demanding process.    To guarantee that the transaction will be ...

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23 Apr 2021
difference between title search title report and title insurance in Florida

The Difference between Title Search, Title Report and Title Insurance in Florida

In Florida, a title search, title report, and title insurance are different components of the closing process of a real estate transaction. Even though each ...

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21 Apr 2021
how to avoid FIRPTA withholding in Florida

How to Avoid FIRPTA Withholding in Florida: The Answers You Need

Florida is one of the favorite places in America for foreigners who want to buy and invest in real estate. However, foreigners who want to ...

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19 Apr 2021
how to handle a real estate closing in Florida

How to Handle a Real Estate Closing in Florida like a Professional: Top 5 Tips

Closing a real estate transaction in Florida may not be as easy as it seems to be. Generally, the closing process is time-demanding and requires ...

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16 Apr 2021

Florida FIRPTA FAQ: All You Need to Know

Currently, the state of Florida has a population of over 21 million inhabitants, with more than 20% of it consisting of foreign-born individuals.    Any foreigner who ...

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15 Apr 2021
What is FIRPTA in Florida Real Estate?

What is FIRPTA in Florida Real Estate? – Exclusive Insights

Over the years, the state of Florida has attracted a vast number of immigrants, especially from Latin America. As a result, many foreigners are constantly ...

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14 Apr 2021
What is the purpose of FIRPTA in Florida

What Is the Purpose of FIRPTA in Florida?

Dealing with property taxes is never a pleasant situation, especially when it comes to federal taxes. Foreigners who own real property in the United States ...

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13 Apr 2021
residential title services in Florida

Residential Title Services in Florida: The Full Guide

Buying a home in Florida is a lifetime dream for many people not only in the United States but also worldwide. However, acquiring a residential ...

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12 Apr 2021
do buyers and sellers have to use the same escrow company in Florida

Do Buyers and Sellers Have To Use the Same Escrow Company in Florida?

When buying a home in Florida, you will likely hear a lot of terms that may sound odd at first, such as "title," "title search," ...

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09 Apr 2021
FIRPTA withholding exemptions in Florida

FIRPTA Withholding Exemptions in Florida – Explained

Any foreign citizen or non-US entity selling real property in the United States is exposed to FIRPTA tax law. This federal law requires the buyer ...

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08 Apr 2021

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