Investors sometimes take the biggest risks out of any other property buyer. They tend to buy less-than-desirable homes and other buildings, hoping to fix it up and sell it for a profit. Unfortunately, entering this venture without proper legal guidance and assistance can mean money being wasted if an issue comes up with the title.

Whether you are purchasing and renovating an apartment building in Miami, a ranch-style home in Palm Beach or an old office building in Naples, Marina Title can make sure your investment is sound.

Title Search

One of the first things investors must do when considering purchasing a property is a title search. This will let you know upfront if there are any issues with the title. These may include liens on the property or any other hidden issues that could come back to haunt you after the purchase. This is especially important for investors, as you are likely considering a foreclosed-upon property.

While it is possible to conduct the search on your own, there are often mounds of paperwork to sift through. For investors potentially bidding on multiple properties, it is often simpler to hire a professional title company to do this for you.

Title Transfer and Insurance

Once the title search is complete and its ownership is verified, Marina Title can ensure the title is promptly transferred to you. While some property buyers will balk at the idea of purchasing a deed that has liens and other issues, you are allowed to continue with the sale if you are willing to take the risk. We will prepare the final paperwork and make sure the deed is legally recorded as belonging to you.

As soon as the deed is in your possession, it is vital to have it insured. A myriad of issues can come up after the sale, especially for investors. Something as small as a clerical filing error, or as major as a missing heir claiming the property could jeopardize your right to ownership.

There are a wide range of issues that could crop up with the title. Some of the most common include:

  • An error in public records from paperwork getting lost or misplaced
  • Forgeries in the housing documents could affect the public records
  • An illegal deed resulting from the property formerly being sold to someone not legally allowed to purchase it
  • An impersonator who sold the property to you or someone else earlier in the building’s history
  • A lost will that is later found could jeopardize your rightful ownership to the property if an heir is named and comes forward
  • A named heir that was missing at the time of the original property owners’ death could also show up to claim the property as their own
  • Boundary disputes could force you to give up a portion of the property
  • Liens from previous owners could be passed on to you after the sale
  • Unknown encumbrances may leave you in a partnership with an unknown and unwelcome third party
  • Undiscovered easements could leave you with a property partially owned by another company or the government

No matter how meticulous the title search, some of the problems are simply unavoidable. If you are forced to give up the property, partially or wholly, title insurance will make sure you do not suffer financial loss from the incident. It is a relatively small, one-time fee to pay to get the protection you need in any scenario.

Whatever kind of property you are investing in, Marina Title can ensure your expenditure is protected. For more information about our services for property investors throughout Florida, use the links below or Contact us today at (305) 901-5628 or email us at

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