developer_imgWhether you are building a new home, subdivision, office park or skyscraper in Florida, developers can benefit from having a title company on their side. Marina Title provides many different beneficial services, from the time you begin surveying different plots of land to the time the keys are handed over to the new business owner. Our experienced attorneys can make sure the legal and administrative issues are handled so you can focus on getting the building constructed and satisfying your client.

Preconstruction Services

Marina Title can help developers find the perfect plot of land for their next project. Before you purchase the land, we will survey it and analyze any public records regarding the plot. You will know of any dangers, such as underground wiring or mineral deposits, before breaking ground. In addition, our team will work with any government agency, such as the Florida Division of Real Estate, to get the development approved. If there is a title already associated with the land, a title search will be conducted to make sure it is a sound investment. We can also insure any construction loan to grant you peace of mind.

As any experienced developer knows, these are all tasks that could be conducted on your own. But, that is very time-consuming and often means analyzing complex documents and maps. This, in addition to dealing with government agencies alone, could mean setting the project back by months. The legal team at Marina Title can go through this process thoroughly and relatively quickly to set up the venture for success from the start.

During Construction

Unfortunately, every construction site has its issues. From mechanical issues to worker injuries, even the smallest problem can become major if the right systems and documentation are not in place. Working with a title company can alleviate many of these issues before they happen.

Before the foundation is ever laid, Marina Title can organize a meeting with every entity involved, from the builders to architects and even the project attorneys, to ensure everyone knows their role and to establish coordination. In this way, problems will be minimized. We can also analyze your project to make sure you have the correct insurance for the construction, and that you are not paying for coverage you do not need. In addition, we can make sure your funds are being utilized properly by your team by undertaking interim-construction disbursements. Nearly any kind of administrative or legal obstacle you face can be handled by our team, allowing you to focus on the jobsite itself.

Finishing the Project

As the construction comes to a close and you are preparing to hand over the property to your client, issues can still appear. Marina Title will organize the closing documents so the entire process runs smoothly. As soon as the closing documents are signed and made official, our escrow services will distribute the funds to you and your team. Even the most complex sales are not an issue for our team of seasoned attorneys.

Not having a title company working with you through the entire development process can be detrimental to the project. Rather than focusing on the job at hand, you could be stuck dealing with title issues, government interference, insurance problems and other matters that could be handled offsite. Having a title company to whom you can hand off these issues can minimize these concerns.

The team at Marina Title has many years of experience underwriting and closing multi-site residential and commercial construction transactions. We have the expertise to handle nearly any issue that could potentially hinder your project. For more information on our services and how they could benefit youContact us today at (305) 901-5628 or email us at

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