It takes a big-picture vision to transform a vacant parcel into a novel, thriving development. But real estate developers and entrepreneurs also need to pay close attention to the countless details involved in taking an ambitious project from concept to closing. This requires partnering with title and legal professionals who have the experience, skills, and resources to quickly identify and resolve potential problems and guide developers to a trouble-free closing.

At Marina Title, our comprehensive suite of title, escrow, and closing services for Florida real estate developers focus on maximizing the value of their investments, minimizing delays, facilitating payments, draws, and lien releases, and using all of our experience and effort to efficiently shepherd a project to completion. 

Attorney-owned and operated, Marina Title has earned the trust of real estate developers across the State of Florida involved in all types of projects, including single-family homes, multifamily buildings/apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals and medical offices, industrial properties, hotels and restaurants, warehouses, residential and commercial condominium developments, and mixed-use projects. Developers know what we bring to the table: unmatched title search, clearance, and title insurance expertise, trusted escrow handling, lien mitigation and resolution, comprehensive closing services, and an intuitive understanding of their unique needs and concerns.  

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, transparency, and tailored services. Deeply immersed and involved in the Florida real estate industry, Marina Title has forged long-lasting relationships with lenders, brokers, contractors, surveyors, appraisers, Realtors, and the other allied real estate professionals who play significant roles in the success of a development project. 

Our services for Florida real estate investors and developers include:

  • Providing title, escrow, and closing services for projects throughout the State of Florida.
  • Expediting the title search and examination so we can quickly deal with any problems.
  • Assisting with lien mitigation and resolution.
  • Facilitating the financing needs of our developer clients, including introductions to our network of construction, hard money, and private money lenders.
  • Advising on mechanic’s lien coverage matters and title insurance needs.
  • Establishing escrow accounts and handling all construction draw disbursements after closing.
  • Assisting with title objections that may arise.
  • Coordinating remote and online closings that are fast and convenient for all parties involved.

At Marina Title, we stand ready to provide you with the seasoned and sophisticated title, escrow, and closing services needed for your development vision to become a reality. To learn more about how we can serve your needs, please call us at (305) 901-5628 or email

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