Smiling teamAt Marina Title, we understand the issues that can hinder a real estate transaction. Our expert team of attorneys and other professionals have a high degree of experience resolving these problems for our clients, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. Whether you are developing a plot in Palm Beach, investing in a short-sale home in Naples or beginning any other real estate transaction in Florida, Marina Title can help facilitate the process.

We know the future may be uncertain in any real estate deal. That is why using Marina Title gives you an advantage, unlike any other. We have solutions prepared for any situation.

Most Competitive Fees in Florida

At Marina Title, we understand that a real estate transaction can be financially straining. As such, we offer some of the most competitive fees in the state of Florida so you can afford to utilize our premiere services.

Renowned Short Sale Processing Department

While there is always some risk involved in real estate investments, it is crucial to know exactly what liens and other black marks on the title history come with the property. Investors may also wish to take advantage of our renowned short sale processing department. Marina Title will handle the transaction expeditiously to transfer ownership to you as quickly as possible.

Same-Day Title Searches

When a bidding war is imminent, or even in motion, it is vital you have the proper documentation and information. This could be the difference between a sound investment and the purchase of a property doomed to be a waste of resources. One of the most vital documents is the title search. Marina Title offers same-day title searches so you know exactly what you will be purchasing.

Premier Escrow Services

Within any real estate transaction, the transfer of funds from buyer to seller can become a complex situation. Marina Title’s premier escrow services allow for both parties to feel secure in the deal. This guarantees the return of funds to the seller if the buyer backs out. Likewise, Marina Title’s escrow services prevent the buyer from seizing ownership of the property without paying the seller. This service also holds the funds securely in the event of a conflict.

Accessible After Hour Closings

At Marina Title, our goal is to exceed clients’ expectations. As such, we strive to make sure every need is met. One way this is accomplished is by not being bound to our office hours. We understand developments in a real estate transaction may occur after hours, and we are available for consultation after our office closes. That’s a true advantage of using Marina Title.

Friendly and Professional Real Estate Attorneys on Staff

Whether we speak in-person, over the phone or online, you will be treated as an individual person, not a number. Our attorneys have a long history in real estate law and will handle your case with professionalism and expertise. The premier services offered by Marina Title will make the entire transaction, from title search to closing, an easier, simpler process.

Direct Disbursement of Funds

When the deal is complete, or if the transaction is cancelled, funds are distributed directly to the proper party. This prevents any undue delay in the payment process and allows the ownership of the property to be transferred more quickly.

Immediate Preparation of HUDS and Pre-HUDS

When closing a deal on a home, two of the most important documents in the transaction are the Pre-HUD and HUD statements. These detail how much the property will cost, any additional fees and stipulations and other vital information. Marina Title will prepare these documents for you immediately in order to expedite the home-buying process.

Available Sales Representative Positions

If you are looking for a dynamic career in the real estate law industry, Marina Title has positions open for sales representatives. Contact a representative today to learn more about this opportunity and other advantages.

Unique Networking Sponsorships to Grow Your Business

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a large corporation, Marina Title has sponsorship opportunities available. Sponsorships are a sound way to grow your business and create lasting network connections.

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