The Beginner’s Guide to Title Services The Beginner’s Guide to Title Services

The Beginner’s Guide to Title Services

Jun 21 2019

The most important aspect of the service that title companies provide is to ensure the proper transfer of title – the bundle of rights that includes your right to own, possess, use, access, or modify a property. Needless to say, without the proper conveyance of title, your purchase of the property may be marred by restrictions, disputes, and even costly legal liabilities. That is why no real estate transaction should be carried out without professional title services offered by a full-service title firm.

Title Examination

Never take for granted that the person selling you the property is the actual owner. Setting aside instances of outright fraud, it is not uncommon for even honest and earnest sellers to be unaware that they lack clear and marketable title to the property they are selling. With a title examination, the entire recorded history of a property’s “chain of title”—the deeds, tax records, and mortgage loan transactions that are linked to a property from its development to the present day—is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that nothing is amiss, whether it is a missing or erroneous deed, unresolved claim, or unpaid lien. A title examination also helps clarify what rights will come with the property, along with any encumbrances or easements. For example, you may have the right to exclusive possession, but be required to allow third parties to cross the property due to an easement that is recorded in the public records.

Title Insurance Policy

Title insurance protects you from any possible issues with the title to the property. Even if the title appears clear of any issues, there remains the possibility of so-called “hidden hazards” that even the most scrupulous title examinations cannot catch. If an unknown claimant comes along to contest your title to the property, your title insurance policy will cover the costs of defending against the claim and will even reimburse you up to the amount stated in the policy. Moreover, since most mortgage lenders require the borrower to obtain a professional title insurance policy prior to closing, you will need to get one anyway to acquire the property.

Obtain Reliable and Comprehensive Title Services from Marina Title—

Even your most ideal dream property can become a nightmare without the proper title services. A lot is riding on obtaining effective and trustworthy title examination and title insurance services. That is why Marina Title offers the most cutting-edge and reliable title solutions in the industry. From our methodical title examinations to our carefully drafted title insurance policies, you can rest assured that your needs are in good hands. To learn more, call (305) 901-5628 or email

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