Buying Title Insurance Online Buying Title Insurance Online

Buying Title Insurance Online

Jun 19 2019

In Florida, some title companies are now offering online Title Insurance services, which essentially means you can order a Title Insurance policy online from the comfort of your home. However, is this a safe practice? What are the risks involved in buying Title Insurance online without any real human interaction with title professionals? Are the fee calculators on these websites reliable at all?

If you are considering buying Title Insurance online, these questions have probably crossed your mind a few times. Read on to find the answers to these and other vital questions about buying a Title Insurance policy for a property from an online platform.

You Should Not Buy Title Insurance Online – Here is Why

Although buying Title Insurance online, from the comfort of your home, may seem like an easy and very convenient alternative to visiting the physical offices of a title company and interacting with title professionals, taking this approach may involve the following risks:

  • Vulnerable Personal Information – When you buy a Title Insurance policy, you will have to fill out several forms with vital personal and financial information. You must never grant access to this information to people you cannot trust because of the risk of it landing into the hands of hackers or fraudsters. Although most Title Insurance Companies now use digital platforms to enhance communication between them and their clients, they always make sure to be well secured and thoroughly protected from public access.
  • Identity Verification is required – In order to use any website for purchasing a Title Insurance policy, the company will need to verify your identity. This is a risk because hackers are known to be able to easily clone the websites of companies and use them to collect sensitive information, which is then used to defraud you in the future.
  • Online Transactions can be Compromised – Several online security experts have revealed how astonishingly easy it is to take a mobile transactions app and reverse engineer it in order to alter it. Then, these altered apps can be re-uploaded to online app stores and downloaded by clients through automatic updates. Once one of these apps is installed, the user’s account details, passwords, usernames, and other private details may be stolen and used by hackers on the title company’s servers.

It is true, however, that not all ads offering online Title Insurance are fraudulent. If buying a Title Insurance policy is what you are after or—for any reason—it is the only option for your specific circumstances and/or needs, you must do your research before completing the purchase. However, the best option will always be to work with a reliable title company with a solid reputation built over many years of serving numerous clients—like Marina Title.

Although buying Title Insurance online sounds like a very convenient option, it is undeniably better to come to an experienced and reputable title company like Marina Title, where you can sit and have a meeting with a title professional who will explain Title Insurance in detail to you, so that you understand every stage in the process of buying a new home and insuring it against defects in the title.

Benefits of Working with Marina Title

When you hire us to handle your real estate transaction, you will receive the following benefits:

Total Compliance with Best Practices – When you collaborate with Marina Title, you can rest assured that we will be operating in perfect compliance with all the rules of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the American Land Title Association.

Security – Our team of title experts will work carefully to make sure your personal and financial information remains private and secure throughout the process. This includes providing safe online communication channels as well as a secure environment in our local office to store all sensitive documents necessary to complete the transaction.

A Memorable Closing Experience – At Marina Title, we understand that buying a home is a big step and that this is more than likely a very exciting time in your life, which is why we offer more than just Title Insurance policies. When you work with us, our team will work hard to make sure the experience of closing on your new home is memorable and does not give you any headaches.

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