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Commercial Real Estate Closing Services in Florida

Nov 03 2023

The slowdown of the economy and higher mortgage rates have caused a downturn in real estate markets worldwide. While the United States is no exceptional, Florida’s real estate market and economy have shown unique resilience.

When it comes to commercial properties in particular, the Sunshine State is still one of the best places for businesses and investors worldwide, offering several tax advantages, a pro-business environment, and an immense field of opportunities.

Learn what it takes to close on a commercial real estate transaction and how Marina Title can help.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Closing Company for Commercial Closings?

Acquiring real estate can be a risky venture. Aside from the costs of purchasing the property, there are many legal and contractual requirements that must be met before the parties close.

That is why it pays to hire a full-service title company like Marina Title that can offer a diverse suite of closing and real estate services. As an attorney owned and operated firm, we have the expertise and experience you need to meet your commercial real estate needs. Our services include:

  • Providing insights to improve negotiations;
  • Representing clients throughout the entire closing process;
  • Reviewing and revising all the documents involved in the transaction;
  • Conducting the lien and title searches;
  • Obtaining judgment and mortgage payoffs and resolving lien issues;
  • Preparing all the paperwork for closing;
  • Working with the seller to disclose all required information regarding the property;
  • Clarifying any issues that may affect both parties involved;
  • Examining the public records to confirm the property’s legal ownership;
  • Issuing title reports and helping clients to eliminate any title defects;
  • Coordinating all the parties involved in the process to ensure a timely closing; and
  • Guiding the buyer through the title insurance purchase process.

Why You Should Invest in Florida’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Widely known for its white sandy beaches, cultural diversity, unique gastronomic experiences, and sunny weather year-round, Florida is one of America’s most popular travel destinations. Year after year, the State welcomes millions of tourists and future residents, which provides an immense cash flow to feed the State’s solid economy.

Unlike many booming markets that end up being hype trains, the Florida real estate market has a proven reputation as one of the most dependable in the United States. Throughout the last decade, its real estate appreciation rate has been rising consistently above the national average.

Florida’s largest metropolitan area, Miami, is one of the biggest urban economies in the nation, and a globally recognized gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. Likewise, cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville rank among the fastest growing urban centers in the country.

With over 22 million residents, a trillion-dollar economy, and a thousand new residents every day, the state offers plenty of growth and opportunity for almost every type of commercial venture.

Invest in Florida Commercial Real Estate with Marina Title

Investing in commercial real estate requires an expert approach. With a dependable and trustworthy title company by your side, you can save time, money, and effort which is better spent on growing your business and exploring commercial opportunities.  

If you need premium title, escrow, and closing commercial services in Florida, call us at (800) 604-1871 or email to schedule a free consultation.

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