Common Florida Title Insurance Terms

Is Understanding Common Florida Title Insurance Terms Vital?

Jul 24 2020

There are common Florida title insurance terms you should understand when buying a home in Florida, as it can help you understand the home-buying process in general as well as your rights and obligations. Even though your title company will probably make sure to explain to you any term that you do not understand, it is always a good idea to do your own research ahead of time to make sure you understand the basics. To help you with that, we put together a list of common Florida title insurance terms every real estate buyer should understand.

Common Florida Title Insurance Terms You Should Understand

  • Cloud On Title

A cloud on title is, essentially, a title defect – an issue that could potentially affect your ownership rights even after closing. If a title search unveils a cloud on title, the issue must be resolved before the buyer and seller sign the final closing documents; otherwise, what was the seller’s problem will become the buyer’s problem, and the buyer could potentially end up losing the home if someone has a valid claim on it.

  • Clear Title

The term “clear title” means good news; it is what you should hope to hear after your title agent performs a title search on the home you intend to buy. When someone tells you the title to a home is clear, what they mean is that it has no substantial defects, which means the closing process can begin. From that point on, everything should go smoothly.

  • Title Search

The title search is one of the most important parts of the home-buying process and, therefore, one of the most important tasks your title company will carry out. Once you agree to buy a particular home, your realtor will order a title search, which, as mentioned above, must occur before you take any further action regarding the purchase. During the title search, the title company you hired will compile all existing information regarding the title to the home you intend to buy on your behalf from public and official records. Once the title search is complete, your title company will issue a title search report to all parties involved in the transaction. This report will essentially let you and the seller know whether the title to the home is clouded or clear.

We Will Help You Understand Common Florida Title Insurance Terms

At Marina Title, we strive to make sure you understand the home-buying process, and that entails making sure you understand the common Florida title insurance terms listed above as well as many other not-so-common terms so that you always know what is happening, how it is happening, and why it is happening at every stage of the Florida home-buying process. We do this in two different ways: 1) when you hire us to manage your closing process, by answering every single one of your questions, and 2) before you hire us, via this blog.

The most important thing you need to understand about title insurance is that it is the only thing that can protect you in case a title issue threatens to affect your ownership rights after you close on your new home. Nothing else offers the protections title insurance offers. The law does not require you to purchase title insurance; however, many people believe it should, including us. Having a title insurance policy is simply vital.

Unfortunately, buying the home of your dreams successfully does not always mean you get to keep it. We can help you achieve both things. Get in touch today by calling (305) 901-5628 or by sending an email to

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