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Lost a Real Estate Client? Here’s What to Do Next

Aug 03 2015

Whether you are just starting out in your career as a Realtor or are a seasoned veteran, losing a client is an inevitable outcome of some relationships. This can be especially devastating if you have been working with the client for months, only to have them drop you right before closing on a property. Regardless of how and when it happened, it is important to get back into the Florida market quickly and find new clients.


How you go about doing so effectively depends on the reason the client left in the first place. Here are five general reasons why perspective buyers and even leads may no longer wish to use your services.

You Are Overloaded

In nearly every industry, growing and having more customers is seen as a positive thing. But, in real estate, retail and other businesses, when you are unable to meet the demands of your expansive customer base, they will find someone who can. The best way to avoid becoming overburdened, and to keep clients from leaving, is to hire another Realtor to work alongside you. But when you do, make sure they are on board with your tactics and that you are communicating.


Client Hears Two Different Stories

If you have hired another agent, you two must be on the same page with clients. It can become frustrating if they hear one price and closing process from you, then talk to a partnering Realtor and hear something different. If you have lost a client due to this, make sure you are reviewing each client’s case together so you are giving them the same message. Visit Marina Title’s Residential page, for more information.


You Raised Their Expectations Too High

When you are helping a client either buy or sell a home, you want to stay optimistic. It’s good to point out features of potential properties, or high-ball a selling price just a little bit. But if you are over-embellishing, hiding details or overshooting the market price, it is easy for clients to become frustrated and find a more truthful Realtor. It is best to find the middle ground. Don’t omit issues with the property, but explain why it may still be a good buy. If you are high-balling a selling price, explain to the client that it is an optimistic number, but may not be realistic.


Your Website is Outdated — Or Nonexistent

In today’s age of computers and smartphones, not having a website can give the impression that you are not reputable. If the site looks outdated or is difficult to navigate, leads may give it a glance before moving on to the next agent. Hire a web designer to revamp your site, if necessary, and use photos and videos to draw in potential clients.


You’re Too Greedy

It is tough to hear a client say they are dropping you because your commission is too high. On one hand, you want to maintain their business, but on the other, you have to make a living. This can be remedied in one of two ways. One, lower your commission, at least for a little while. Or two, offer such exceptional client service that you demonstrate you deserve the higher pay.

One way to prove you deserve what you charge is to offer services few other Realtors provide. Products like title searches, title insurance and professional escrow services can boost your reputation and help you retain clients. Marina Title is proud to offer these services to Realtors across Florida. For more information, give us a call at (305) 901-5628 or email us at

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