residential title services in Florida Residential title services in Florida

Residential Title Services in Florida: The Full Guide

Apr 12 2021

Buying a home in Florida is a lifetime dream for many people not only in the United States but also worldwide. However, acquiring a residential property in the Sunshine State may not be as easy as it seems. 

The buying process has several factors that need to be considered, which include finding the right property, ensuring the necessary assessments are done, and negotiating until both parties involved in the transaction are satisfied with the deal. 

In this article, you will find out a full guide on residential title services in Florida. 

Residential Title Services in Florida – The Definition 

In Florida, the term “title services” refers to a wide array of services associated with property title. Essentially, the purpose of title services is to verify a real estate title in-depth to ensure its legitimacy and ensure that a seller has the legal right to sell it to a buyer. 

Plus, it also can include the issuance of title insurance for buyers and lenders involved in the real estate transaction. 

The term “residential title services” refers to the services provided by a title company that encompasses all the components of a residential real property transaction. 

Naturally, the home of an individual is the place where he/she should have peace and ease of mind to rest and enjoy their free time as they wish. On the other hand, a commercial building will not necessarily have to provide such requirements, given that it will be used only for business-related purposes. 

Florida Residential Title Services – In Detail 

To ensure the peace of mind of home buyers, a company specialized in residential title services will provide a set of distinct services necessary to ensure buyers that their newly acquired properties will not turn into a nightmare in the future. 

By and large, any services necessary to research and clear a property title so that a property can be sold are included in the category of residential title services. Plus, there are all the details involving escrow, which are crucial to ensure a smooth closing to the transaction.

Title Search 

First, residential title services include title searches. A title search is a process to ensure that a property title is valid. It is a detailed examination of property records to ensure the seller legally owns the property and no third-parties are claiming full or partial ownership of it. 

Plus, it is the title search process that will identify any outstanding mortgages, property liens, judgments, restrictions, leases, easements, or unpaid taxes associated with the property. 

Property Survey 

Another valuable tool included in residential title services is the property survey. 

A property survey is used to determine the boundaries of the land where the property is located, which provides a full picture of any existing encroachments or easements that may impact its ownership. 

Title Insurance 

In Florida, residential title services also include the issuance of title insurance. Once the title of a property is deemed valid, a title insurance policy will likely be issued.

The purpose behind title insurance policies is to protect owners and lenders against unexpected ownership claims to the property (e.g., undisclosed heirs), which includes any legal fees that may arise from legal disputes regarding the property. 

These policies include owner’s title insurance and the lender’s title insurance. The owner’s title insurance protects a property owner from title issues, while the lender’s title insurance protects a financial entity that provided the home financing. 

Even after a detailed title search, it is crucial to acquire title insurance as a preventive tool against undisclosed judgments, improperly executed documents, invalid/forged deeds, and other similar situations. 

Is It Possible to Successfully Acquire a Home in Florida Without Employing Residential Title Services? 

Technically, buyers themselves can handle title searches and ensure they have an adequate insurance policy in place. Nonetheless, even though taking care of such tasks may seem easy at first glance, in reality, it could not be more different.

Dealing with title searches and insurance companies is a time-consuming and demanding task. Plus, without the much-needed expertise and experience, mistakes can be made if everything does not follow the correct procedures. 

First-time homebuyers in Florida tend to experience even more stress, especially foreign individuals. It is worth noticing that any mistakes made during the process can seriously delay a property closing or even preclude a whole deal before its closing. 

You Can Find Reliable Residential Title Services in Florida At Marina Title 

Focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction, we have a team of seasoned title experts that will provide all necessary guidance throughout the acquisition of your property in Florida. 

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