Sale Price: $
Owners Premium: $
Estimated Closing Date (must be filled in):  
Settlement Fee: $
Abstract / Title Search: $
Municipal Lien Search (estimated outside vendor): $

Total Premium and Fees:


Sellers Net Proceeds Calculator

Sales Price: $
Total Premium and Fees: $
Real Estate Commission Percentage:

Total Real Estate Commission:

Doc stamp tax on deed (add Surtax if in Dade)*: $
Other/HOA Fees/Etc. $
Seller Contribution (if applicable): $
Home Protection Plan (if applicable): $

Total Settlement Charges:



First Mortgage Loan: $
Second Mortgage Loan or Equity Line: $
Other: $

Total Payoffs

Total Real Estate Taxes (Prior Year): $
Daily Tax Rate: $
Estimated Starting Date: (mm/dd/yyyy )
Estimated Tax Accrual: $

Total Deduction From Sale Price:


Net Proceeds From Sale:


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