What does no one tell you about Title Insurance in Broward County and Palm Beach? Title Insurance

What does no one tell you about Title Insurance in Broward County and Palm Beach?

Oct 16 2019

The price for title insurance in the state of Florida varies from county to county. In most counties, the seller chooses the title company. What is the difference between Title Insurance in Broward County and Palm Beach?

The main difference of the title insurance regulations between Palm Beach and Broward County is the person authorized to pays for the policy and chooses the title company. In Broward County, the person looking for a house is the one who pays for the lender’s and homeowner’s title insurance. They are also the ones to choose the title company. However, in Palm Beach County, the more famous approach of the seller doing all the work is the norm. Regarding the owner’s title insurance, there are no distinct differences between the two counties.

Why is Understanding these different approaches in Title Insurance in Broward County and Palm Beach so important?


It is essential to distinguish who is the responsible person to pay for the title insurance whenever you are in Palm Beach or Broward County. If you fully understand this difference, you will know how to move on to the closing process. The rule is, the one who pays is also the one who picks the title company. This means that if you’re buying a property in Palm Beach County, you’ll have no choice but to wait for the seller to pick a title company. However, if you’re buying a property in Broward County, you’ll be the one to choose your desired title company.

Control Costs and Closing Contract

The buyer chooses where the closing happens, at least for Broward, Sarasota, Miami-Dade, and Collier counties. However, if you are in a different county in South Florida, you have to add the chosen title company in the contract if you insist on choosing the whereabouts of the closing. This request is yet to be approved and discussed by the seller and the buyer.

Benefits of an Experienced and Trustworthy Title Company


If you’re planning to buy a property in Broward or Palm Beach County, you should work with a respected title company. A title company that has an excellent reputation will surely make a massive difference in the closing experience. These are advantages of working with a respected company like Marina Title:

  • Secured Transactions and Documents: Professional title officers and escrows handle every financial transaction and closing documents. Privacy and security of your personal information is a priority.
  • Fast and Convenient Closing Process: We ensure communication with the parties involved, and we give our best to finish the closing process as fast as possible. We ensure the completion of the whole process within the schedule.
  • Regulatory Standards Compliance: The services we provide follow the regulations of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and of the American Land and Title Association. With this, we ensure
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Every client interaction is unique. We provide a personalized feel to each client as we take every meeting seriously. Aspects of the procedure, including all the forms, transactions, and documents, are explained thoroughly by our expert professionals.
  • 24/7 Tracking: The entire closing process can be tracked using only your mobile device. This very convenient tracking approach can be accessed at any time of the day, making it easier for you to track every progress without having to meet personally.

If you want to get in touch with the most professional title company situated in South Florida, you can email us at Info@MarinaTitle.com to schedule an initial consultation. You can also call us at (305) 901-5628.

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