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4 Questions to Ask a Title Company in Florida

Jan 15 2024

Purchasing or selling a property in Florida may be an overwhelming task, especially for first timers. There are lots of moving parts, paperwork, and legal implications to consider, regardless of how straightforward and streamlined the transaction may seem. Even the most seasoned buyers, sellers, and investors may encounter things that are unfamiliar or concerning—ideally, an experienced, attorney-owned and operated title company should be there to clear things up and guide you along.

Fortunately, Marina Title offers comprehensive experience and expertise to help provide a smoother process for all our clients. Since 2014, Marina Title has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers of Florida real estate with their title and closing needs.

Understanding the Essentials

You have a right and expectation to know what is going on with your real estate transaction. The following are the most essential aspects both sides should know and ask about.

1. What Should I Expect from a Florida Real Estate Closing?

A smooth and seamless closing is the ultimate goal of every transaction, so naturally it is one of the most pressing matters on one’s mind after the purchase contract is signed. After scheduling a closing date, it is crucial to work with an experienced Florida title company to “round up” all last-minute aspects and check if anything is out of place—a missing document or signature, a title or lien issue that still needs to be resolved, unfulfilled contract terms, and so on. Once these are squared away, it is time to proceed to the closing.

The closing is the date on which the buyer and seller sign the final documents, the seller receives their funds, and the buyer becomes the legal owner of the property. When the scheduled date arrives, the buyer and seller will sign the necessary documents, including the conveyance documents (i.e., the Warranty Deed and Bill of Sale), the Seller No-Lien Affidavit, all loan-related documents (if the buyer is financing the property), disbursement instructions, and the Closing Disclosure (the final closing statement outlining all the fees). The closing agent, who ideally should be an attorney, will help explain the documents and clarify each party’s duties.

While closing is a good time to ask any final questions you may have about the transaction, it is crucial that any disputes or potential negotiations are resolved beforehand. Many of these issues can take time to address, so it is better not to wait until the last minute. The final walk-through of the property should also be done a few days before the closing so that any unexpected surprises can be addressed without delaying the closing.

2. What Should I Bring to Closing?

Besides the various forms prepared by the closing agent, the buyer and seller must present a valid photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.). The buyer should also bring a secondary form of ID, in case it is required by the lender. Otherwise, the rest of the documentation is handled by the title company and the lender (if financing is being obtained).

3. How Long Does a Real Estate Closing Take in Florida?

The timeframe required to close a real estate transaction depends on various factors. Preparation is crucial to a smooth closing. If everything is in place before the closing, the process itself will often not take longer than an hour, considering the parties must only conduct a final review and sign the documents.

While it is possible to work your way through closing without help, working with an attorney-owned and operated title company will make the process a lot less stressful and more efficient. They will serve as the central point of contact for all your real estate and title needs.

4. How Much Money Does the Buyer Need to Bring for Closing?

When purchasing a property in Florida, the buyer should know the total amount to be paid at closing before signing any documents and getting the keys. An estimate can be requested early in the transaction, so you know approximately what you need to bring.

Whatever amount that the buyer has already placed in escrow as a deposit as well as the loan amount (if the buyer is obtaining financing) will be deducted from the final cash to close.

Once again, the best approach is to have an attorney-owned title company by your side, which saves time and effort by condensing all your services in one place, eliminating multiple parties involved during the closing process.

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