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We Ensure Smooth Real Estate Closings for Investment Properties

Feb 15 2017

Investor Title Services to help in Smooth Real Estate Closings

Florida’s dynamic and diverse real estate market is a prime choice for property investors from all over the world. Whether your focus is on real estate owned (REO) or foreclosure properties, condo units or single family homes, new constructions or pre constructions, you no doubt want to ensure that your investment is sound and cost effective. That’s why it’s imperative to seek the professional Investor Title Services offered by Marina Title, an attorney owned and operated title company that maximizes every client’s ROI.


Real estate transactions can be complicated, even in the preliminary stages. Our title and real estate experts can advise you on the risks and opportunities of any property investment you are interested in pursuing, and will guide you through the process from start to finish. Closings require a myriad of legal documents, regulatory compliance, and procedures that can be costly, time consuming, and fraught with liability if not handled by experienced experts. Marina Title has successfully closed on numerous transactions for investors, handling all of the fine and crucial details necessary to safeguard any big investment.


There are numerous critical documents that must be drafted and/or carefully reviewed for any real estate closing, including, at minimum, a Purchase and Sale Contract, Deed, Bill of Sale, Affidavits, Certificate of Non Foreign Status (if applicable) and Closing Statement. The legal language of each and every document must be precise – even one omitted or misspelled word could lead to delays or legal trouble down the road. Foreign investors must also take into account the complicated requirements of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA), which is strictly enforced by the U.S. federal government.


Marina Title is deeply familiar with all of these documents and protocols, and handles all this paperwork with the utmost timeliness and attention to detail. We will carefully review the terms and requirements of your purchase and sale contract, loan package, and other closing related documents to ensure that nothing is amiss that can derail or otherwise tarnish your investment. Every document we draft will methodically cover any potential risks and liabilities, ensuring that the closing is smooth and your investment is safeguarded for years to come.


One of the most important first steps in any real estate investment is to do a title search. This will ensure that there are no hidden issues with the title of the property – such as liens or outstanding claims – that can delay the closing – at best, or saddle you with costly legal obligations –  at worst. Every property should undergo a thorough title examination, especially if it is a short sale or foreclosure property. Marina Title conducts reliable and scrupulous title searches and examinations on request, and can address almost any issue that may be found. We’re also qualified to create an effective title insurance policy that will protect you from title problems and their costly liabilities.


In addition to these aforementioned services, the professionals at Marina Title can provide honest and informed advice on how to maximize the returns on your investment. Owning property in your individual names leaves your own assets at risk to litigation. We can provide assistance and guidance in creating a Florida Limited Liability Company, which is the ideal vehicle for investing and owning Florida real estate, since it allows you to avoid personal liability from any issues associated with an investment property. LLCs are also pass-through entities for federal income tax purposes, meaning you protect more of your wealth from taxation.


Whichever kind of property you are investing in, Marina Title will be by your side from start to finish protecting your interests. For more information about our title services for investors, contact us at (305) 901-5628 or

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