Help Foreign Investors Maximize Their Investment Potential with the Help of Title Experts

Help Foreign Investors Maximize Their Investment Potential with the Help of Title Experts

Jan 15 2018

South Florida real estate is popular with Foreign Investors seeking lucrative investment opportunities. Among the many factors that will determine the soundness of their investment is making sure their property is not saddled with any number of title problems that can prove financially costly down the road. That is why it is imperative for real estate professionals serving Foreign Investors to hire an expert like Marina Title to help clear away some of the following title-related liabilities.

Public Record Errors

It is unlikely that foreign investors will have the time or inclination to go through years or possibly decades worth of public records of a property’s history. However, this is crucial to ensuring that the chain of title – that is, legal ownership – is clear and error-free. If any deed or title document is missing, misfiled, or was improperly drafted, this can prove problematic down the road, especially if the investor plans to sell the property down the road. Leave it to Marina Title to review the fine details and ensure that nothing is amiss.

Unknown Liens, Encumbrances, or Easements

In addition to errors and omissions, a property’s title history can contain unseen issues that may become the investor’s burden to bear. If a previous owner has a judgment or tax lien against their name at the time the property is transferred to your client, the client may end up having a lien attached to the property that they will have to pay. This problem is especially common in distressed properties, such as foreclosure properties and short sales, that are popular among foreign investors.

A third party may also have claims, rights, or interests in the property – known as encumbrances – that will impact the investor’s ability to make full use of the property. These can range from unpaid taxes to mineral rights on the land. Similarly, an unknown easement – the right of a non-owner to use the property for a certain purpose – will also provide an unwanted surprise to a foreign investor who has certain plans for the property.

Fortunately, Marina Title has the cutting-edge tools and strategies needed to ensure your foreign clients get the most out of their investment without any unexpected costs or liabilities.

Unknown Will or Heir

The last thing a foreign investor needs is to get caught up in an ownership dispute over their legally-acquired property. However, if a property owner died without any known estate plan or heir, their real estate may be sold by the State of Florida without ruling out a potential legal beneficiary or heir. Thus, even after you take title to the property, if a previously unknown Will is revealed, or if a legal heir shows up making a claim on the property, your client’s investment could turn into a costly legal dispute that may end up in them losing their property. Marina Title will stop at nothing to make sure that does not happen, applying a rigorous standard of title examination that will clear away any potential claimants. We will also issue a title insurance policy to protect your client against any potential title claims.

Believe it or not, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential title issues affecting Florida real estate. To ensure that your foreign clients get the best opportunities in the market – and thereby bring more business– partner with Marina Title. We know what to look for when it comes to helping clients worldwide fulfill their real estate goals. To learn more, call (305) 901-5628 or email

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