Selling Property to Overseas Investors

Why Investors Need a Title Company with Wholesaling Experience

Dec 13 2023

Time is money for any business owner or investor, and this is especially true for wholesalers (investors who wholesale real property). With the rapid changes that occur in Florida real estate, these investors need to be able to move property quickly and profitably. Having a title company you can trust to facilitate efficient and seamless transactions will help your business run smoothly.

To get the most benefit from a title company, you’ll want to find one with specific experience working with wholesalers. The unique needs and dynamics of this industry require a title company that is familiar with the challenges you face so you can reach your goals.

Understanding the Needs of Wholesale Investors

Marina Title knows that the obstacles you face as a wholesale investor are unique to your industry and to your business. It’s a high-stakes, high-reward scenario, and our goal is to help you lower the risk and increase the reward with each of your real estate transactions. We do this effectively because we understand your industry, and we take the time to understand you. Whether you are assigning or double closing, we have the expertise to help you each step of the way.

Title and Lien Roadblocks

Real estate investing moves quickly. There is no time for title problems. Even though unexpected issues and unpredictable challenges may arise, the title of the property doesn’t have to be one of them. An investor-friendly title company will do more than research a property’s title. They can help with other steps, like lien mitigation and resolution, so you will be able to focus on finding a buyer, making a profit, and moving on to your next deal.

Funding a Double Closing

Funding in wholesale investing can be a hassle for even the most experienced investors. Double closings (a/k/a simultaneous closings) sometimes create more work and more stress, which are likely the last things you want when wholesaling property. Marina Title offers specialized expertise in wholesale transactions, and we can connect you with short-term funding lenders and transactional funders to help your double closings run smoothly. We can also advise you on other methods for funding a double closing and discuss whether an assignment closing is a better option.

Personalized Approach

Cookie-cutter services are not going to work for an industry with so much variety and nuance. Wholesalers need a title company that provides personalized services to meet their specific needs. When you’re looking for a title company that will take the time to learn about your business and investing goals, you can count on Marina Title to provide the white-glove service you deserve.

As an investor-friendly title company, we offer services that are specifically catered to wholesalers and their need for fast turnaround times and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on efficient and accurate title services for investors.

Marina Title will be with you every step of the way throughout your real estate transaction, so contact us at (800) 604-1871 or send an email to to get started.

We offer closing, title, and escrow services for properties located anywhere in Florida.

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