How Does a Title Company Determine That a Title is Valid

How Does a Title Company Determine That a Title is Valid?

Jun 08 2015

Purchasing a property is not a joke. It involves risks and difficulties, good decision making and serious evaluation.

A buyer always wants to have a smooth and safe transaction all throughout the process however certain situations that cause big conflicts and arguments are unavoidable. One of these problems is the detection of fraud and illegitimacy of a property title. How can this be prevented? Well, in this situation, a title company always knows what to do.

A title company’s prime responsibility is to ensure that the title of a property is valid and genuine. How they do this? Here are the following procedures that they do:

1. They will do a title search, which will thoroughly examine all the property records to make sure that the person or company claiming to own the property legally owns it and that no one else could claim full or partial ownership of the property.

2. Also during the title search, the title company will look for any unpaid taxes or unsettled mortgages, liens, verdicts connected with the property, as well as any easements, leases, restrictions or other problems that might affect ownership.

3. The title company will also require a property survey, which will identify the boundaries of the plot of land that a home lays on, whether the home rests within those boundaries, whether there are any infringements and violations on the property by neighbors and any easements that may affect an ownership.

4. And lastly, before a title company issues any title insurance, it will prepare an abstract of title, which is a brief summary of what was found during the title search. Then, it will issue a title opinion letter— a legal document that certifies the validity of the title.

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