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Marina Title Ensures a Secure Florida Real Estate Closing

Apr 17 2020

At some point in our lives, many of us have initiated projects or ventures that we have not seen to their conclusion. In some of these unfinished projects, there have been no repercussions. However, we must be persistent when we are on a personal venture, such as in aiming to buy a home. Working from beginning to end saves one stress and time to find the one property we are interested in and see the transaction through till completion. If you, like most people, are interested in one day becoming a homeowner, it is essential to know the process of successfully closing on your Florida Real Estate transaction. In such a process, having a competent title company, such as Marina Title, working alongside you through the process, can make the closing occur promptly.

Defining a Florida Real Estate Closing

A Florida Real Estate Closing, also known as settlement, is the final step of the purchasing transaction. This real estate process tends to be long, and sometimes stressful, but working alongside experienced professionals reduces that. The purchase of property follows many steps that involve constant back-and-forth communication between the seller, the buyer, and the real estate agent of each side.

The Process of a Florida Real Estate Closing

There are no two same real estate transactions since each will be different based on either the buyers’ or sellers’ peculiar needs. However, there is some overarching process that might look the same from one closing to the other.

On general terms, the real estate purchase begins with the initial offer from the buyer to the seller’s market price on the property. Once such an offering occurs, a counteroffer may or may not happen. Then both sides establish a selling price, and shortly after, there will be the opening of an escrow account. This account, held by the title company storing payments and documents, acts on behalf of the buyer and seller until both parties reach the closing. After the sum of the initial escrow takes place, the step that follows is also where Title Companies play a critical role. In between the initial offering and the closing, we have the title search and the proper inspection of the property.

It is in your benefit to obtain title insurance with a competent title company, such as Marina Title Company. If you purchase such, we will also work on your behalf to carry out your Florida title search. If no issues arise, you will have successfully reached your Florida Real Estate Closing.

What is Something to Remember if You are Looking to Participate in a Florida Real Estate Closing?

Purchasing a property is a monumental moment in your life, and there should be no rush in making such a big decision. If you are engaging in a real estate transaction already, be wary of any pressure from the other party to close the deal fast. Be especially cautious if the other party is not providing you time to have professionals carry out the due diligence on your behalf.

At Marina Title, we strive to guarantee that our title services will satisfy the expectations of our clients. If you want to engage in a Florida Real Estate Closing with the best Florida Title Insurance company, Marina Title Company, call us at (305) 901-5628. We can schedule an initial meeting with our professional title agents. Additionally, you can send us an email at Info@MarinaTitle.com.

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