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Marina Title Helps You Ensure Your Title and Protect Your Home Ownership

Apr 13 2020

Marina Title Helps You Ensure Your Title and Protect Your Home Ownership

Have you or any of your close relatives or friends ever experienced a stressful situation that could have prevented by taking precautions? Most of us have. Sadly, many of us have suffered scams through an online purchase on a suspicious website. Or, for example, some have found themselves regretting not ensuring their Florida homes even though we have very recurring hurricane seasons. Regardless of the scenario, there are many steps that one can take not to find oneself in an unfortunate predicament. Such a step in the Real Estate world, especially when engaging in a purchasing transaction, is to obtain title insurance.

Florida Title Insurance Defined

Title insurance is a policy that ensures that the property you are acquiring is sold to you properly. Most often, your title company will provide title insurance since they work alongside insurance companies that give you their services. Such purchased policy offers you, the buyer and holder of such insurance, protection from financial loss sustained from defects in a title to a property.

Process of a Florida Title Insurance

Title insurance is usually required to make sure that you have the right to buy what you intend to acquire. There are multiple steps through the many stages of a Real Estate purchase through which such insurance kicks in. For example, when you obtain this tool, the title agency through which you might have made the purchase, is also in charge of carrying out a Florida title search.  This investigation is the first step towards ensuring you possess a clean title.

Importance of Florida Title Insurance

Your insurance policy guarantees that when you buy a piece of property, you own it and possess all the rights to it. Consequently, this policy protects you in case something goes wrong alongside the process of acquiring the title. For example, if there was an erroneous legal description of the property, illegality with the transaction such as fraud, or there was an honest mistake. Whichever the issue with the title is, possessing this title insurance gives you protection on your claim.

At Marina Title, we strive to guarantee that our title services will satisfy the expectations of our clients. If you want to seek the services of the best Florida Title Insurance company, call us at (305) 901-5628 to schedule an initial meeting with our professional title agents. Additionally, you can send us an email at

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