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Title Search Reports in Florida: Unveiling Property Ownership and Encumbrances

Dec 14 2023

A comprehensive title search is crucial when dealing with real estate in Florida, offering insights into ownership, potential liabilities, and other vital details. Whether you’re buying or selling, or you just want to know what is going on with the title of a property, ensuring a clear and marketable title is essential. Let’s explore the key components of a Florida Title Search report and how to navigate this process.

Sections of a Florida Title Search Report

1. Apparent Title Vested In: Identifies the current property owner or grantor, providing essential details as to how title is currently vested.

2. Description of Real Property: Provides the legal description of the property’s location, along with information on the map or plat where the property is located in the official records in the county.

3. Muniments of Title: Offers a historical overview of property ownership, revealing any litigation that may impact its conveyance.

4. Mortgages and Assignments: Details mortgage information, including lender name, original loan amount, any assignments of the loan, and public record references.

5. Other Property Liens and Encumbrances: Identifies any liens or judgments that affect the property.

6. Restrictions/Easements: Discloses any legal rights or restrictions on property usage, such as recorded easements granting specific privileges to third parties.

7. Tax Information: Provides the property’s tax status, including payment details for the relevant year.

Ways to Conduct a Title Search

1. Hire a Lawyer: Engage a real estate lawyer for a thorough title search, receiving legal advice alongside the report.

2. Title Company: Utilize a title company for a title search and a title insurance policy, though note that they cannot provide legal counsel.

3. Self-Conduct Public Records Search: While not recommended for a comprehensive report, individuals can access public records for basic information. The information found online does not include an actual title examination, and for most counties, you can only search by name and not by legal description, which is critical when conducting a title search.

Marina Title is an attorney-owned and operated title company, and we have been conducting title searches on Florida properties since 2014. Contact Us today for a free title search quote.

Cost of a Title Search in Florida

Title search expenses typically range from $200 to $500, though commercial parcels and larger pieces of land may be more expensive.

Duration of a Title Search

A standard title search usually takes up to 5 business days. Rush options are available for quicker turnaround, often within 3 business days.

What’s Not Included in a Title Search

While a title search covers recorded matters, it may not unveil issues like encroachments (revealed through a survey), or items that would only be stated on a municipal lien search, such as unrecorded code violations, outstanding utilities, or open permits. Marina Title is also able to assist with obtaining surveys and municipal lien searches.

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