Why You Need a Title Company Why You Need a Title Company

Why You Need a Title Company

Aug 21 2019

Buying a house can potentially be one of the proudest moments of your life, and a Title Company can help ensure that moment is not just the calm before the storm. Read on to learn how we can help you.

Why Protecting Your New Home’s Title is Crucial

A new house is a beautiful thing and many people dream about buying their own for years. A house is not just a physical structure, it is not just an asset; it protects you and its occupants from the harsh South Florida sun and humidity and provides you with a comfortable and secure place to live and create memories.

However, without a strong Florida title insurance policy, instead of all these things, a house can become a big problem that might give you several headaches in the future, creating memories that you will want to forget. That is because failing to have a solid title insurance policy can result in claims or disputes against your rights to own the house you purchased, and you might even end up losing it. At the very least, failing to clear the title to your new home could result in a major financial loss.

The good news is there are people who can help you. Work with a Title Company.

What Is a Title Company and What Does it Do?

In simple terms, a Title Company protects you and your home through a title insurance policy in the event of an issue resulting in a claim against your ownership rights. The responsibility of a title company like Marina Title is to clear your property’s title and issue a comprehensive title insurance policy for you.

How Can Title Insurance Protect Me?

A strong Florida title insurance policy will provide you with a legal defense against claims or past rights on the property you intend to purchase and – if a claim is valid – reimburse your actual loss up to the face amount specified in your policy. Additionally, your title insurance will also pay any court costs and legal fees associated with defending a legal claim against your ownership rights.

How Do I Choose a Title Company?

Every Title Company is different, and some offer more and better services than others. If you are currently looking to hire a Title Company, the good news is you are in the right place. When you work with Marina Title, we:

  • Ensure there are no title issues after closing;
  • Close on your new home without delays;
  • Provide a stress-free, engaging, and memorable closing experience;
  • Issue an affordable title insurance policy; and
  • Manage the closing process from beginning to end.

Looking for a Title Company in Florida? Consider Working with Marina Title

At Marina Title, our dedication is to you as our client. Your best interests are our only interests, and our main goal is to provide you with a professional, engaging, and memorable closing experience. That is all, and it is everything.

We understand that the closing process can be complicated and stressful, which is why our Title Company always works as hard as possible to make sure you do not get any headaches. Our goal is to help you buy your new home, ensure you understand the home buying process, and help protect your home from any potential legal disputes or hidden issues.

To get in touch with the best Title Company in Florida, call us today at (305) 901-5628 or send us an email to Info@MarinaTitle.com to schedule an initial consultation with one of our title professionals.

Marina Title has an ever-growing list of satisfied clients. Let us add your name to it!

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