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Why Realtors Should Team Up With a Professional Title Company

Jan 09 2017

Reasons You Should Team Up with a Professional Title Company

Florida Realtors and Title Company understand the importance of title work in protecting their clients’ interests. Title is the collection of rights that establishes the buyer’s legal ownership of the property, including their right to exclusive possession, use, and transfer of the property. Purchasing a home without examining the title for defects or other issues can cause considerable financial and legal problems to your clients – and by extension, the integrity and reputation of your business.

Real estate professionals owe it to their clients to address these potential liabilities and ensure a smooth closing. Title issues are a common cause of delays, conflicts, and cancellations in real estate transactions, challenging even the best and most experienced Realtors. Instead of using up your precious time and energy dealing with complex title issues for which you may not be qualified, turn to the experts who dedicate their lives to helping Realtors – and their clients – with any and all title matters.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy Florida Title, Closing and Escrow Company you won’t find one better than Marina Title. Our experienced and qualified title experts know all the strategies and tools that can prevent or minimize title problems. We offer comprehensive title examination services that can uncover nearly all the relevant details of a residential or commercial property, including:

• Defects or errors in the title
• Boundaries and easements of the property
• Any reported environmental issues (such as hazardous waste)
• Inheritance issues
• Court judgments and liens
• Reported violations
Survey disputes

We also have experience assisting Realtors who work with pre-construction, new construction, short sale, and foreclosure properties. As an attorney owned and operated firm, we offer in-depth knowledge of the relevant legal areas of title work, and can provide a myriad of other title services beyond thorough title examination.

We can protect your client from any potentially errors or issues that arise when they take possession of title by providing an “Owner’s Title Insurance Policy”, which will protect them from undetected errors, defects, or misrepresentation. We’re also qualified to provide general counsel and guidance throughout the real estate process, advising you on risks and opportunities, resolving potential disputes, and otherwise ensuring a quick and effective closing that won’t compromise your client’s interests. As part of our commitment to our Realtors, we happily offer same-day commissions that ensure our Realtors are paid promptly and fully. It’s just another way that we break out of the industry standard to create value for our Realtors and clients.

With Marina Title company by your side, you get comprehensive title and real estate services that will help you prepare for and resolve whatever comes your way. Whether you represent a buyer whose interests you wish to protect, or a seller that needs to ensure their property is marketable and cleared of any potential problems, your business stands to gain a significant reputational boost for offering the utmost protection and efficiency to your clients. Our results-driven approach exceeds industry standards and ensures that our Realtor partners thrive and prosper. We keep up to speed with the latest developments, regulations, and lending standards to guarantee that your work can be accomplished with minimum frustration and cost for your and your clients.

Marina Title’s experienced Florida real estate attorneys will work closely with you to determine what you need and how best to serve you. We will always consult you on the costs and benefits associated with each service, and will never surprise you with hidden fees. We take care of all the legal complexities involved in title matters while you focus on what you do best. To schedule a consultation or learn more about what we can offer, please call (305) 901-5628 or email info@marinatitle.com.

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