Resolving Common Florida Title Issues

Resolving Common Florida Title Issues – What is the Process Like?

Jul 21 2020

At Marina Title, resolving common Florida title issues is one of the things we do best. Why? Two reasons: 1) Because we do it almost every day of the year, and 2) Because our title agents are also skilled real estate attorneys with many years of experience. When it comes to handling real estate closings in Florida and resolving title issues, Marina Title is one of the best options available. If you are looking to buy a home in Florida, read on to learn what the process of resolving common Florida title issues is like as well as why you should let us help you.

Common Title Issues in Florida

If you work with a reliable title company – like Marina Title – they will make sure to find any issues the title to the property you intend to buy may have and properly resolve them to remove the additional stress from the home-buying process. However, homebuyers, especially first-timers, should make sure to understand as much as they can about the process. The most common title defects in the State of Florida include:

  • Liens
  • Foreclosure issues
  • Public record errors
  • Missing heirs
  • Breaks in the chain of title
  • Identity concerns
  • Incorrect legal description of the property
  • Survey and boundary disputes
  • Probate issues
  • The seller cannot legally sell the property
  • A previous owner of the property filed for bankruptcy

When buying a home, it is crucial to resolve these title issues BEFORE closing. Otherwise, you could end up losing your home even after you pay for it and receive the keys to it if someone with an interest in the property files a valid claim. In other words, buying a home with title defects can mean you are actually not the legal owner.

Resolving Common Florida Title Issues

When it comes to resolving common Florida title issues, the key is finding them, which is done by conducting a thorough title search. This search will reveal whether any of the issues above exist and allow your title agents – from Marina Title, we hope – to resolve them before you sign the final closing documents. If your title search unveils a title issue, you need to take steps to resolve it before buying the property or they could end up having monumental consequences. Although some people will tell you that mild title defects can wait until closing, we disagree – we believe it is crucial to resolve all title issues as soon as we find them.

The good news is you do not have to do this without help. When it comes to resolving common Florida title issues, the first step you should take is to choose a title company. However, choosing a title company to help you close on the home of your dreams is not easy, as there are many companies to choose from and no all of them offer all of the services you will need, which means you would have to work with several companies at the same time.

Marina Title offers every single one of the services you need to close on your new home. This means you will not have to hire any other companies, which will remove disagreements between different agencies – the main reason why real estate transactions in Florida take longer to complete than they should – from the equation. In addition, as mentioned above, we are not just title agents; we are real estate closing attorneys. Normally, you would need to hire a title company AND a real estate attorney to manage your closing; however, with Marina Title, you get both.

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