Successful Real Estate Closings in Florida Successful Real Estate Closings in Florida

Successful Real Estate Closings in Florida – How Do I Avoid Headaches?

May 20 2020

Having successful real estate closings in Florida is easy when you work with a reliable Florida Title & Escrow Company like Marina Title and let them take care of everything. Closing on a new home can be stressful, particularly if you are a first-time homebuyer. Why? Because every little detail must fall into place within a very specific timeframe to ensure a successful closing. A single detail out of place can delay or even derail the entire closing process.

How to Have Successful Real Estate Closings in Florida

The closing process can be enough to have first-time homebuyers pulling their hair out and biting their nails. However, getting through the process does not have to be a nightmare. There are many ways to ensure your closing goes smoothly and does not give you any headaches. Here are 5 tips for successful real estate closings in Florida:

  1. Schedule a Home Inspection Early On

The home you intend to buy will have to pass an inspection before the owner can sell it. A thorough inspection can ensure that any potential concerns that the buyer may have are addressed before the closing process begins. Waiting until the last minute to schedule a home inspection can significantly delay the closing process.

  1. Avoid Making Big Purchases Before Closing

Even if you are prequalified for a loan, you should avoid making big purchases before the closing process on your new home begins. A big purchase on your credit score could change your qualifications for a loan and halt the entire home-buying process. The same goes for locking in your interest rate. If your rate rises, it could affect your ability to obtain a loan as well. If possible, you should talk to your lender about locking in your interest rate.

  1. Be Ready to Wire Funds

This is not always necessary; however, you should have a plan of action in case you need it. Many title companies require clients to wire funds due to security reasons. If you need to wire funds, you should be sure to check with the title company to get the exact wiring instructions. Following wiring instructions is crucial to have successful real estate closings in Florida. Making mistakes can delay the closing process.

  1. Purchase Title Insurance

When buying a home, it is crucial to have title professionals perform a title search to ensure there are no hidden title issues that could arise after closing. Your lender will likely require you to have a lender’s title insurance policy at the very least. Although the law does not require you to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy, it is highly recommended.

  1. Work with a Title & Escrow Company

This is perhaps the most important tip we can give you. Many factors go into having successful real estate closings in Florida, and first-time homebuyers can be easily overwhelmed. If you do not have experience – and even if you do – you should work with a reliable title and escrow company like Marina Title to ensure your closing goes smoothly.

At Marina Title, a full-service title and escrow company, we can handle all aspects of your real estate closing. Title and escrow services, residential title services, title searches, Florida title insurance, judgment and lien searches are all a part of what we do. That means you can get all of the services you need for your closing under one roof, which streamlines the process and makes it far easier to have a timely closing.

If you are interested in having successful real estate closings in Florida, we can help you. Let us take care of everything. Get in touch with Marina Title today by calling (305) 901-5628 or by sending an email to .

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