Three Big Reasons Businesses Should Seek Our Commercial Title Services Three Big Reasons Businesses Should Seek Our Commercial Title Services

Three Big Reasons Businesses Should Seek Our Commercial Title Services

Mar 12 2018

Acquiring commercial real estate is one of the biggest and most consequential decisions you can make for your business. To protect your enterprise from the costly financial and legal liabilities that can emerge in any transaction, partner with Marina Title, an attorney-owned and operated title company that offers all the Commercial Title Services you will need to increase your business opportunities.

Protection from Liability
There is no telling what legal or financial liabilities are attached to a commercial property. Questionable ownership records, liens, code violations, judgments, and contested title claims are just a few of the issues that may impact your rightful ownership to a commercial property. At best, these problems may require additional time, money, and hassle to resolve – at worse, they can encumber your enterprise with legal problems you can ill afford on top of acquiring or expanding your commercial space. That is why Marina Title conducts extensive and reliable title examinations that ensure the property is ready to purchase. Additionally, we create title insurance policies that effectively protect our commercial clients from any unknown or hidden hazards with the title that may emerge down the road.

Escrow Services and Closing Representation
A successful closing hinges on having someone that can deftly represent your interests, including managing escrow accounts that help facilitate the transaction safely and securely. Marina Title has been trusted by businesses of all shapes and sizes to fulfil these sensitive duties. Our real estate and title attorneys have ample experience in making sure their clients’ best interests are looked out for, whether it is safeguarding and disbursing escrow funds efficiently, or resolving any issues that may emerge at any point during the closing. You can count on us to do whatever it takes to make sure your transaction closes smoothly and timely.

Versatile and Trustworthy Counsel
No two commercial closings are alike, which is why Marina Title prides itself on providing adaptable and comprehensive title services that are geared to the needs and circumstances of our clients. No matter what type of property you are buying, you can be guaranteed that we will have what it takes to your goals come to fruition. We have handled transactions of every size and level of complexity, and are always responsive to the changing needs or realities of our clients. Our deep knowledge and experience in Florida real estate means you can rest assured that the latest expertise and solutions are at your disposal. We will be your partner for as long as it takes to advance your business interests.

To protect your interests during a commercial real estate transaction, contact one of our title experts at (305) 901-5628 or email

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