Three Invaluable Lender Title Services for Refinancing Three Invaluable Lender Title Services for Refinancing

Three Invaluable Lender Title Services for Refinancing

Sep 01 2017

A title company should perform as effectively for the lender as they do for any other party involved in a real estate transaction. That is why Marina Title offers innovative and proven Lender Title Services that guarantee a smooth and sound closing for everyone. From local credit unions to some of the nation’s most prominent banks and mortgage lenders, we have an industry-leading track record of providing value to lenders, especially in the area of refinancing.

Home owners refinance their mortgage for a variety of reasons, including obtaining a lower interest rate, converting from an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed rate one (or visa versa), shortening the term of their mortgage, or simply to borrow additional funds. As with a purchase money loan, a refinance requires an array of professional Lender Title Services that will optimize results. Marina Title has expertise and experience in each of the following products and solutions.

Title Search and Examination

Before issuing a loan, the lender needs to ensure that the applicant is the legal owner of the property and that there are no title issues. Even if the title is clear at the time that the initial mortgage was obtained, issues or changes could have emerged since then. For example, the current owner could have had a lien or judgment filed against them since the date of the original mortgage, something most lenders would want resolved prior to refinancing. Marina Title utilizes the latest technologies and best practices to conduct thorough and accurate title searches and examinations.

Disbursement of Funds

If the borrower is refinancing to receive additional funds, the lender must arrange for the money to be disbursed. When a title company is employed to serve as closer, it will often be tasked to receive and hold these funds before delivering them to the borrower and any other parties as per the settlement statement. Marina Title is diligent in ensuring that all funds are properly disbursed and the lender’s mortgage lien is promptly placed on the public records to secure the lender’s interest in the property.



The closing is the ultimate goal of any refinance transaction, wherein the borrower signs the requisite refinancing documents and the funds are disbursed accordingly. As closing agent, Marina Title will prepare an accurate and comprehensive settlement statement, ensure the proper execution of the loan package, and handle the prompt and timely recording of the executed mortgage and disbursement of funds. Marina Title follows the American Land Title Association (ALTA) best practices and is compliant with federal lending laws, including the CFPB regulations.

When it comes to these and other services, Marina Title continues to raise the bar for Lender Title Services in South Florida. No matter what sort of loan you are issuing, we have the expertise and innovation to get the closing done quickly, effectively, and smoothly, ensuring more closings in the long-term.

If you’re interested in partnering with our title company, or learning more about the value we can offer to lenders, please contact (305) 901-5628 or email

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