Common Questions about Title Insurance - ANSWERED Title Insurance

Common Questions about Title Insurance – ANSWERED

Oct 11 2019

Finding the right Title Insurance company in Florida for your real estate transaction is a crucial step when it comes to ensuring the closing process goes smoothly, and there are no costly delays. In this article, you will learn more about what a title insurance company does in a real estate transaction.

Are you looking to purchase Real Estate? If the answer is yes, we recommend thinking ahead and calling Marina Title, Florida’s premier title company, to ensure you have a memorable and headache-free closing experience. Our title professionals and real estate lawyers have the knowledge and the expertise necessary to help clients prepare for their settlements.

The following is a list of the most common questions we get from clients to help you have a better understanding of the Florida real estate closing process:

1 – Is Owner’s Title Insurance Necessary, or is it Optional?

This question is prevalent and somewhat curious. The answer typically surprises most of our clients. Owner’s title insurance is optional but, at the same time, necessary. In other words, no law requires real estate buyers to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy. However, doing so is crucial and necessary, as nothing else provides the protections a good title insurance policy provides.

To protect yourself from potential financial loss if title issues emerge regarding the ownership rights to the property you intend to buy after you buy it, you must obtain an owner’s title insurance policy. As a Florida title company, we have seen unexpected hidden title defects emerge and give homeowners big headaches several times. Although conducting a comprehensive title search is a great way to find unknown title issues, it seldom reveals every single issue. If one of these title problems emerges after you buy a property, title insurance is the only thing that will protect your rights.

2 – Is There More than One Type of Title Insurance?

There are two types of title insurance policies – owner’s title insurance and lender’s title insurance. In simple terms, an owner’s title insurance policy protects the property owner’s interest and equity against hidden title issues for as long as they own the property, and a lender’s title insurance policy insures the real estate buyer’s lender.

3 – Will Marina Title Manage the Entire Closing Process?

The answer is yes!  When you work with Marina Title, our real estate experts manage the entire closing process from start to finish and work with both parties to ensure everything goes smoothly, and no one gets unnecessary headaches.

When managing your transaction, we collect the necessary documents and provide real estate closing services explicitly tailored to your unique circumstances and needs. Our licensed title agents and real estate lawyers have the knowledge and experience to ensure an efficient and smooth real estate transaction.

If you are looking for a insurance company for your real estate transaction, then you found it. Marina Title is the best title company in Florida, and we never hesitate to say it because we genuinely believe it, and we have worked unbelievably hard to put our firm in that position.

When choosing a insurance company in Florida, your focus should be on finding a team of qualified professionals that can ensure they will work as hard as humanly possible to ensure your closing is smooth and free of stress. At Marina Title, our main priority is making the closing process as simple and straightforward as possible for every single one of our clients and partners.

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