Carry out a Florida Title Search Carry out a Florida Title Search

Title Searches are a Must in Real Estate Purchases. Let us Carry out a Florida Title Search for you.

Apr 15 2020

Have you ever come across a “For sale” sign on a property and being surprised at its price? If you were in the market looking to buy a house, this initial awe may motivate you, but may also rush you to try and obtain the best deal. However, no big decisions, as purchasing a property, should be rushed even more so if you are going through this transaction without proper guidance. Thus, it is essential to hire a competent title company, such as Marina Title, to carry out a Florida title search.

What Does it Mean to Carry out a Florida Title Search?

A title search is a fancy way to say that we, the Title Company, are doing our due diligence on your behalf to ensure the integrity of the title. When we first investigate acquiring a property, it is crucial to know who possesses the title of such property. This search process identifies such ownership and whether the person selling the property, truly owns such, and has the right to sell it. However, the valid owner of the property is not the only insight that comes when you carry out a Florida title search. If done correctly, title searches provide listings with the information of all the liens on the property. These listing can include any existing mortgages or loans on the property. As well as judgments on the property, property taxes due, and any other types of encumbrance you may be selling or buying. Finally, the success of all Real Estate transactions requires that there is confirmation of a clean title.

Why is it Important to Carry out a Florida Title Search?

Whether you are interested as the buyer or seller of the property, the importance of carrying out a title search is high. The title investigation occurs before the closing of any transaction. It is a significant step to take in avoiding messy and expensive title issues down the road.

As a buyer, you will receive a preliminary title report from your Title Company. Based on the details provided in such a report, you will be best capable of making an informed decision of whether you want to go through with the purchase of the property or not. It is worth pointing out that depending on the nature of the issues with the property, and there can be solutions. Our experienced real estate attorney can aid in clearing up some minor problems fast while major ones may take longer.

As a seller, when you carry out a Florida title search, you obtain the needed “marketable title.” This title is a legal definition for there being no defects with the property you aim to sell. You are getting this title, for protection against issues that may cause a lawsuit or someone challenging your ownership right to the property.

At Marina Title, we strive to guarantee that our title services will satisfy the expectations of our clients. If you want to Carry out a Florida Title Search with the best Florida Title Insurance company, Marina Title Company, call us at (305) 901-5628. We can schedule an initial meeting with our professional title agents. Additionally, you can send us an email at

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