Title Services for Wholesale Investors

Title Services for Wholesale Investors

Dec 26 2018

As an investor focused on wholesaling, you must ensure that the property you have under contract to sell is sold quickly and for a profit, while also minimizing your exposure to risk. This delicate balancing act requires comprehensive Title Services that are specifically geared toward the objectives, challenges, and needs of wholesale investors in Florida. Here are just three reasons why you should seek out an experienced and investor-friendly title company when engaging in wholesaling activities.

The Unique Needs of Wholesalers
The tight deadlines of most wholesale contracts require you to close quickly. Within this short timeframe, you must find an end buyer who will purchase the property at a price that will be profitable for you. It is also vital to ensure that the title to the subject property is free and clear of any problems—such as liens, creditor judgments, missing deeds, and various other hazards—that can negatively impact the end buyer and come back to haunt you too.

The investor-friendly title services provided by Marina Title take into account every aspect of the wholesale process. From assisting you in entering into a contract with the seller, to helping you market the home and double-close or assign the contract to a buyer, our real estate and title attorneys know what it takes to achieve that crucial balance of speed and meticulousness. We will help ensure that all relevant paperwork is in order, carefully exam the title of the subject property, draft an effective title insurance policy, and make sure that the assignment or double closing is conducted smoothly and efficiently. We will do everything possible to see your transaction through to the end.

Securing Funding for your Deals
Among the most challenging aspects of wholesale investing is the double closing component: you must find the right property and seller, then match them with a willing and reliable buyer within a tight deadline. You will also often need to obtain a transactional funding loan to facilitate the closing of the first transaction.

With our title services, you get the specialized expertise and experience needed to help ensure your closings runs smoothly. We can also tap into our vast network of contacts to try to secure short-term funding for your deals. By serving as your main point of contact for your real estate closing and funding needs, you will have more time and energy to focus on getting more deals under contract.

Individualized Services to Meet Your Unique Goals
Given South Florida’s large and diverse real estate market—and the subsequently large number of buyers, investors, and sellers it attracts—no two wholesale investors are alike in their goals or challenges. Whether you are dealing with REOs, short sales, single family homes, or condo units, you will need a team who not only knows the wholesale business, but who can work one-on-one with each client to understand their unique objectives or the specifics of their transaction.

That is why Marina Title’s Wholesale Title Services are as unique as the investors we serve. Wholesalers working with our team can rest assured that we will do almost everything possible to help secure a safe and sound transaction in a timely and efficient manner. We strike the crucial balance between meticulousness and speed, whether it is drafting or reviewing the contracts, carefully examining the title to the subject property, and assisting in the closing.

Whether you are seeking one-time services or a long-term partnership, Marina Title has the dedication and expertise you need to maximize your investment goals. To learn more, contact (305) 901-5628 or email info@marinatitle.com.

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