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Choosing the Right Investor-Friendly Title Company

Dec 10 2023

When growing your real estate investment business, it’s important to have a network of trusted professionals to work with. Maintaining a list of attorneys, contractors, insurance agents, tax advisors and other professionals you can count on will help your business thrive. One key business that wholesalers and other real estate investors must align themselves with is an investor-friendly title company.

Why Investor-Friendly?

Any title company can research a property’s title, handle a closing, issue you title insurance, and send you on your way. An investor-friendly company will know what complementary services you will need to ensure a successful closing. Title companies that have experience working with investors also have a better understanding of what’s at stake. The real estate market is constantly evolving, and investors need to stay ahead of trends and markets to ensure they maximize their profits.

Marina Title is an investor-friendly title company operated by a Florida real estate and probate attorney. We offer tailored title services that match your individual needs, providing you with an unparalleled client experience.

If you are new to real estate, you need an experienced title company by your side to guide you through the closing process. When you handle a high volume of transactions, you need someone who can keep up with your pace and make sure your files close on time. Working with an experienced Florida investor-friendly title company is vital to getting your deals closed efficiently and smoothly.

How to Find the Right Title Company

It’s a good idea to start searching online and within your investor network for wholesale- and investor-friendly companies. From there, look for businesses that have experience with what you are trying to do. For example, if you are a wholesaler, it is vital to work with a title company that has substantial experience handling assignment and double closings (a/k/a simultaneous closings). If you are an investor who sells properties via the novation method, it is important to hire a title company who has experience handling novation closings.

If you are a developer or buy-and-hold investor, experience with those types of closings is key. For those investors who buy or sell properties via creative financing, such as subject-to transactions, owner financing, lease to owns, and lease purchases, it is imperative to work with a title company who knows how to handle these types of transactions and can help you minimize the risks involve, including the due-on-sale clause.

In sum, experience and a successful track record is key when looking for a title company to work with to get your deals closed smoothly. Here at Marina Title, we have over a decade of experience in all of the above closing types and can help you get your deal done whether you are working on your first deal or whether you are a seasoned investor with several transactions a month.

Benefits of Working with an Investor-Friendly Title Company

Your title company should prioritize the growth of your investments and offer advantages that promote the success of your business. The below qualities are key to look for.

Efficient Work Processes

The right title company will have systems in place that have been battle-tested and proven to be effective for investors. Speed is important, but so is accuracy. Marina Title has industry-proven softwares in place to speed up the title search process and get you to the closing table on time.


Thorough communication is crucial. Your title company should keep you informed and practice open communication regarding the process and the results of title research, among other things.

Knowledge of Applicable Laws

Title companies must have a full understanding of local, state, and federal laws that may impact your investment properties. Working with a title company that is operated by an attorney is a great way to ensure that the legal aspect is covered.

Problem-Solving Skills

A skilled title company will be able to identify title and lien issues early on and will have the skills necessary to efficiently resolve them.

Contact Marina Title Today

If you are an investor looking for a title company to partner with for your next closing transaction, consider Marina Title. We use a personalized approach to ensure the services you receive are exactly what you need.

Our sister law firm Farshchian Law also offers probate services for those investors who buy estate properties.

Call us at (800) 604-1871 or send us an email to We provide closing, title and escrow services for properties located anywhere in Florida.

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