Finding Florida Property Liens Finding Florida Property Liens

Finding Florida Property Liens – What is a Property Lien Search?

May 18 2020

Finding Florida property liens is one of the purposes of conducting a title search, as liens can have a significant effect on the legality of a real estate transaction. This is why it is vital to find out if the home you intend you buy has any liens on it before beginning the closing process. Luckily, you will not have to do this alone – we can help you.

Purchasing a home requires a lot of time and energy. There is a lot that goes into making sure the property you intend to buy is ready to be legally sold. The little details of a real estate transaction can be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful, especially if you have never bought real estate before. By working with a title and escrow company, you can remove the stress from the process and ensure your home-buying experience is memorable.

What is a Florida Property Lien?

Simply put, a property lien is a notice that indicates a creditor has made a claim that you owe them money. Liens are usually a matter of public record, and creditors typically file them with a county records office or with a state agency, such as the secretary of state. In order to sell or refinance real estate, the title has to be clear, meaning free of liens. Before you can do anything with a property that has a lien on it, you must satisfy the lien. By putting a lien on your home or property, creditors can ensure they will eventually get their money.

What is a Property Lien Search?

Ideally, sellers will be upfront about property liens before the sale process even begins. In fact, any property liens must be satisfied before that. Unfortunately, sometimes sellers are not aware there are liens on the properties they are selling. There may also be times when a seller is not upfront about property liens because they are trying to get rid of the problem. That is why it is important to have a title company conduct a thorough property lien search, or title search, on the home or property you intend to buy.

A property title search is a process that involves searching for and retrieving documentation regarding the history of the property you intend to buy. The purpose of the search is to make sure the seller has the legal right to sell the property and no one else has any claims against it. In other words, the purpose of a property lien search is to answer these three crucial questions:

  1. Does the seller have a marketable and saleable interest in the property?
  2. Are there any legal restrictions regarding the use of the land?
  3. Do any liens that need to be paid off – such as mortgages, contactor liens, or liens for back taxes – exist on the property?

Finding Florida Property Liens – Work with Experts

Property lien searches are crucial and should be undertaken by a party that understands what to look for exactly. If you are closing on a home or property in Florida, you should work with a reliable title company to make sure everything is done right. When closing on a home, making mistakes is astonishingly easy. Purchasing a home with a property lien on it can have severe financial consequences in the future. Finding Florida property liens is something you should leave in the hands of experts. Fortunately, finding a reliable title company is far easier than finding Florida property liens. In fact, you already found one! You found us! We are the full-service title company you need to help you navigate the home-buying process from start to finish.

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