How Much Does a Deed Transfer Cost in Florida

Dec 16 2023

A deed is a legal document used to transfer property ownership from a seller and transferor (the grantor) to a buyer or transferee (the grantee). Among other types of deeds, quitclaim deeds convey legal ownership without providing title guarantees while warranty deeds do provide title guarantees. Both deed types are discussed below.

How Much Does a Deed Transfer Cost in Florida? – The Basics

In Florida, there are two main types of deeds used to transfer ownership of property from one party to another—warranty deeds and quitclaim deeds. A warranty deed is a type of deed that guarantees the grantee against a set of issues that may affect the title of a property.

Specifically, a warranty deed guarantees the seller is the legal owner of a property, has the right to convey the property, and ensures the title has no undisclosed encumbrances or title clouds, protecting the buyer’s right to use, possess, and enjoy the property without nasty surprises.

If the grantor of a property transferred via warranty deed does not fulfill the terms in the agreement—for example, it turns out the grantor was not the rightful owner—the grantee may file a lawsuit in court for the damages incurred from the seller’s action.

By contrast, there is no assurance associated with quitclaim deeds. In such cases, the grantor does not guarantee that the title to the property is free of visible defects or title clouds. The grantor is only conveying the interest that they currently have. For this reason, quitclaim deeds are used mostly to transfer property among people who trust each other, such as close family members or an affiliated company, or in instances where no money is being exchanged for the transfer.

There are also subsets of each of these deed types. One popular subset is the Enhanced Life Estate Deed or “Lady Bird” Deed. This type of deed allows an owner to add their children as future property owners who only take control of the property once the current owner passes, and it also avoids probate.

Costs Associated with Quitclaim Deeds in Florida – An Overview

The costs associated with quitclaim deeds in Florida depend on a variety of factors, including if any money is being exchanged for the transfer. Working with an attorney-owned company that offers title, escrow, and closing services—such as Marina Title—will vastly increase the likelihood of a smoother and more efficient process by having the deed preparation, recording process, and payment of any transfer taxes handled by one office.

After assessing the client’s situation and determining if a quitclaim deed or warranty deed is the best option, a real estate attorney at Marina Title will prepare the deed and record it, which will effectuate the final, legal transfer of the property. The deed preparation fee is typically charged as a flat fee, with all the documents being drafted and handled by experienced Florida attorneys who know the proper legal language. There are also minimum transfer tax fees and recording fees that must be paid. Recording fees (including e-recording fees) are approximately $26.00 and the minimum transfer tax is generally $0.60 – $0.70. The total fee for the deed preparation and recording process generally does not exceed $475.00.

If the property has an underlying mortgage or there is money being exchanged for the transfer, additional taxes will have to be paid at the time that the transfer deed is recorded. A real estate attorney can also help you to calculate and pay that tax.

Since a quitclaim deed does not ensure a title is clean, the ideal approach is to acquire a title search as well to check for title defects that may affect the ownership of the property in the future. Title insurance should also be considered to protect your rights and ownership interest in the property. Unlike other types of insurance, it is paid only once, and it protects your title interest in the property for as long as you own the property.

Avoid Risks When Transferring Title in Florida – Work with Marina Title Today

Although transferring title in Florida may seem like a straightforward process, it requires legal expertise to ensure that the transfer deed follows the formalities of Florida law, all required transfer taxes are paid, and that the deed is properly recorded.

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