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Investor Friendly Title Company in Florida: Your Full Guide

Nov 13 2020

Anyone interested in buying a property in Florida might have come across the term “investor friendly”. As it is vastly used within the real estate slang, so it is not uncommon that people say it without knowing its real meaning.

In this article, we will provide you with a full guide on the subject. We will explain in detail what this designation means in reality, and how it is possible to find an investor friendly title company in Florida.

What Is An Investor Friendly Title Company?

First off, it is necessary to explain the meaning behind the expression “investor friendly”. This term is assigned to title companies, realtors, attorneys, lenders, or even accountants. In the real estate scene, the title company is the most important in the context, as it is the factor that can make or break a deal.

An investor friendly title company is a company that will not break a deal, managing to hold it together throughout the process.  It also includes being smart, thinking outside the box, and seizing unsighted opportunities to benefit the customer.

Besides, an investor friendly title company is practical and acts straight to the investor’s interest. When acquiring a property in Florida, the investor needs a title company that values their money and speeds up the process.

Many title companies tend to overrate some aspects to the detriment of others, which is not the case of an investor friendly title company. Investors care about the money they are making on the deal first and then comes the rest.

How To Identify An Investor Friendly Title Company?

To identify an investor friendly title company, investors need to employ a different approach. While most people would only ask generic questions and then close the deal, finding a real investor friendly title company requires an extra step.

When looking for an investor friendly title company in Florida, you have to ask 4 specific questions. Based on the answers, it is possible to identify and check if the title company is either investor friendly or not.

1) First Question- How Can I Differentiate Between A Simultaneous Closing And A Double Closing?

When trying to identify if a title company is investor friendly or not, this is a good question to start. Hence, it will be easier for you to avoid those who do not fit the investor friendly standard.

The majority of title companies will not know the difference. Many companies will also state that both closing procedures are the same, with simply different names. A high-standard investor friendly company will be able to explain it in detail.

Simultaneous Closing:

When the end buyer’s money is being used to fund the deal on the first side.

Double Closing:

When both sides of a deal fund it independently of one another, but only with a slight difference.

2) Second Question- Do You Work With Land Trusts?

If you ask this question to a title company and receive “no” as an answer, be aware. However, if the answer is positive, you will need to ask one more question:

“Am I Required To Provide A Copy Of The Trust?”

If you receive a yes as an answer, be aware as well. But why? Once the land trust deed is drafted correctly, you are not required to provide a copy of your land trust.

As it is plain to see, this process holds plenty of unsighted detail, which can be too complex sometimes. Being assisted by an expert company such as Marina Title will make the process much easier.

3) Third Question- How Do Your Company Close Subject To’s?

Although the term “subject to” may sound a bit odd, it is not so different when compared to a regular closing. In this specific situation, the title company will just take a few different steps. It will happen as the existing mortgage will be moved from requirements to exceptions from coverage.

The title company will make the buyer sign a disclosure or acknowledge these exceptions. However, a true investor friendly title company will subtly do that, instead of stunning the buyer.

4) Fourth Question- Do You Have Personal Experience With Wholesale Deals, Rental Management, or Flipping?

It is undoubtful that real-world experience plays an essential role in title and escrow procedures. There are situations where an experienced professional will be able to save a deal. Being assisted by an expert in the field will avoid several faults when closing a title. Hence, this type of experience is welcome regardless of the situation.

Do You Need An Investor Friendly Title Company In Florida? Marina Title Is The Answer:

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