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Why Investors Should Seek Special Investor Title Services

Jan 05 2022

Florida’s diverse and dynamic real estate market remains a sound and profitable investment in the post-COVID economy. To help reduce your liabilities and maximize your returns, Marina Title offers specialized Investor Title Services that open a realm of opportunity for investors, rehabbers, and wholesalers of all backgrounds. We are here to ensure that your transactions close with maximum efficiency while your investment is safeguarded for years to come. Here are just three ways we orient our title and settlement services to the unique needs of modern real estate investors. 

Managing the Careful Wholesaling Process

We understand that wholesalers must work swiftly to close deals within razor-thin timeframes while still turning a profit. They must contract with a seller, market the home to potential investors, and assign the contract to the buyer, all before the contract closing date. 

To strike this critical balance between speed and efficiency, you need a title company that knows all the elements of a successful wholesale transaction.

Marina Title will be with you at every stage of the process, from finding a seller to securing a buyer, all while staying within the tight timeframe. We can also help you with assigning the contract, coordinating double closings, and ensuring all paperwork is in order.

Connecting You to Real Estate Professionals, Lenders, and Other Investors

As experienced and passionate real estate attorneys, we make it our business to know everything there is to know about Florida’s complex and fast-changing real estate market. With our diverse suite of title services, vast network of contacts, and deep personal and professional ties to the area, Marina Title offers a uniquely comprehensive one-stop shop for your real estate investment needs. 

If you are interested in the latest real estate developments or pre-construction projects or want to get involved with REOs and short sales, we can connect you with others in the community who have expertise in these areas. We also have a vast array of contacts in the lending arena, including transactional funders that can help close your deals.

Personalized Investor Title Services

Not only are real estate investors a class of their own, but no two investors have the same goals and circumstances. We understand the unique needs and challenges of investors on an individual level. We know that time is of the essence, but so is protection from costly liabilities. With so much riding on being able to secure a safe and sound investment, Marina Title strikes the crucial balance between attention to detail and speed, working hard to ensure that your title is clear, codes and regulations are complied with, and the transaction runs smoothly through to closing.

Hire the Title Company that Knows Real Estate Investing

Marina Title goes above and beyond the industry standard to serve the best interests of investors and wholesalers. We maintain a diverse network of private and conventional lenders to help our clients save money and get their deals closed more quickly. Whether you need one-time Investor Title Services, or a reliable partner for years to come, we are ready and able to do what it takes to meet your goals. To learn more about how we can help enhance your real estate ventures in Florida, contact (305) 901-5628 or email

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