How Investor Title Services Protect Your Investment How Investor Title Services Protect Your Investment

How Investor Title Services Protect Your Investment

Jul 08 2019

As an investor, your central goal is to achieve high returns on your investment. One critical way to meet this objective is to minimize the costly liabilities that emerge from problems related to the title, or legal rights, over your property. That is why you should seek the professional Investor Title Services of Marina Title. From unresolved judgments and liens, to claims of ownership by third parties, no property, no matter how promising, is devoid of such risks. That is why our team brings together all the relevant experience and expertise to keep your bases covered.

Finding Sound and Promising Deals

Our passion for real estate is matched only by our extensive experience working with real estate professionals of all stripes. Our team’s roots in South Florida run deep, which combined with our vast network of local and international contacts, allows you to get a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of this fast-changing and complex market. From pre-construction developments and short sales to single family homes and condo units, we can put you in contact with our network of real estate professionals, who have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you find your ideal investment property. Since time is money, count on us to be your main point of contact for all your real estate needs, so you can focus on your investments.

We Know the Ins and Outs of Real Estate Wholesaling

Real estate wholesaling requires that investors move quickly yet efficiently to meet the tight closing. Mastering this delicate balance can mean the difference between promise and peril. You need a team of title and real estate specialists who understand these complex requirements and parameters. Marina Title offers speed without sacrificing quality. We can assist you in contracting with a seller, marketing the home to potential investors, and assigning the contract to an end buyer. We know every step of the wholesale process from assigning the contract to carrying out the double closing, significantly bettering your chances of a profitable and hassle-free return.

Protecting Your Investment with Title Expertise

Regardless of the specific goals or plans you have in mind for your property investment, one thing remains clear: You must take every legal precaution possible to better ensure a reliable return without any additional costs or liabilities. That requires cutting-edge and versatile title services that consider the unique needs of property investors. We can conduct thorough title examination to help ensure there are no liens, judgments, claims, or other issues that will be your burden to bear if you acquire the property. To protect against the hidden hazards that even the best title examination can miss, we can also draft a title insurance property that will safeguard your rights to the property. Invest with greater peace of mind knowing that we are helping you to cover your bases.

Individualized Investor Title Services Are Just a Call Away

We know that South Florida’s diverse and dynamic real estate market attracts investors of all types, both locally and globally. That is why our services are as unique as the investors we serve, and why we take the time to understand each client’s goals and how we can best meet them. Investors working with Marina Title can rest assured that they will be able to close on their investment property in a timely and efficient manner. We are expeditious yet meticulous about all our services, from researching the title to the property to making sure and the contract requirements are met. Whether you need one-time services or a long-term partnership, we have what it takes to assist you with your investment goals.

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