How to Find a Realtor-Friendly Title Company in South Florida? Realtor-Friendly

How to Find a Realtor-Friendly Title Company in South Florida?

Oct 14 2019

A realtor-friendly title company very seldom appears in South Florida. So, how do these realtors thrive despite this fact?

Marina title excellently assists home buyers in South Florida. We ensure a super smooth closing experience by providing transparency in clearing titles and the whole closing process. By working directly with professional real estate agents, we help them thrive despite their one-deal job.

How a Realtor-Friendly Title Company Solves the Realtor’s Problems?

Realtors very seldom get a return client after they close a deal with that particular buyer. Those people who’ve recently worked with a realtor very rarely work with the same person if they ever need a realtor again. Approximately less than 20% of real estate agents are rehired to do any business with their clients according to a panel from Real Estate Connect San Francisco.

Marina’s Title of South Florida gives resources, tools, and services that will surely help realtors that refer their clients to our client insurance company. In the world of real estate, equity is significant. We genuinely realize this concept. Thus, we try to keep your business preferred or at least relevant to your past clients.

We serve realtors in South Florida, and there’s no doubt about that. There is a blog post that explains why we are beneficial to realtors. More information about this is available below, and if you have any inquiries, feel free to contact our title insurance professionals.

How Marina Title Engages with Professional Realtors

We focus on clients who’ve already made a deal with you and us. This real estate marketing contact revolutionized the way that we do business. Also, we offer secured storage of homeowner’s files and documents that are encrypted. The homeowners may access those sensitive data whenever they please. This access is a time-saving tactic for your team because your clients can directly access their files and paperwork on their own.

The goal of this beautiful system is to interact with clients without bothering them. The best part of this is that you do not have to do anything. Marina Title also works as a lead generator and a networking tool because your past clients can refer leads.

E-Signatures and Remote Closing Capabilities

Everyone is busy with their own lives, and often, it is getting more and more difficult to get matching availability of every party involved in a meeting. Luckily, mobile closing was made practical and easy by Marina Title. As long as a secure and fast internet connection is available to you and your clients, we can start the closing process and, possibly, finalize it entirely.

To recognize the documents as official, it needs a valid signature from the party. Good thing, e-signature makes it possible to sign without physical appearance. Though this approach is not yet adapted entirely by lenders form all over the globe, Title Partners fully adopted this method. The whole process can happen at the palm of your hands.

Legal Assistance

Contract reviews can be overwhelming if you do not have a background in Law studies. The logical solution to this is to have an attorney present in any meeting. This is true on the client’s side also. If any legal circumstances occur, we’re more than happy to provide you with the much needed legal assistance. Get in touch with us for more information.

Convenient Online Quotes

If you ever refer our title insurance company to your client, they may be inquiring about the price of our services. We have an online quote generator that will provide an answer in just a few moments. This online generator is fast and most importantly, free.

Educating Buyers

Are you buying a home? Some terms related to real estate can be challenging to understand. We’re experts who know but usually a home buyer, especially a first timer, is not so well versed in this area. Good thing there is a Title Insurance Q&A page and Homebuyer’s Closing Information Guide! These resources will help you understand the terms and conditions deeper and help you choose the best property for you.

If you want to get in touch with the most professional title company in South Florida, you can email us at to schedule an initial consultation. You can also call us at (305) 901-5628.


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